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Well we finally got to meet in person.

Honestly….I always get nervous about these meetings…I always think:

1. Are they going to like me in person?

2. What if what I say on my blog isn’t really how I portray myself in real life?

It’s weird right? I mean, I blog my inner most thoughts ( most of the time) and I have shared so much of my true self ..much more on my blog than I do with most people in my life….mainly because i don’t see my closest girlfriends ( nearly enough and I got an ear ful from Carla about that…just today in fact) and because you don’t want to make yourself so vulnerable all the time..there is a sense of security telling a bunch of people you don’t know..and (think) you will never meet or really know. LOL Well that’s not really true is it? When you are so honest with people and you make yourself vulnerable to strangers..they {we} are no longer strangers. They become more than that. We all become family. We are all united by our strengths, weakness….frailties. We love eachother because we know the road that has been traveled…don’t we? I think most people fear what they don’t know..they don’t have compassion for people they don’t understand. Some people have a built in compassion motor….but mostly we empathize with people that have traveled the same road/distance we have…right? Somewhere along that road I realized..that no matter what road we are on..whatever path we chose there are some core truths, beliefs and human frailties that affect all of us. I don’t handle fake people well…and I can’t be fake myself. It makes my stomach hurt to be fake.  Others can Love me or hate me….That’s OK. I have learned I can be tactful.. real….gentle and loving..but honest. It’s something you learn along the way.

Anyhow….I get a bit of anxiety with these meetings ( it will be like that at quilt market) …but once Marilyn and I was like…always. Like we had always known eachother….you know that cozy, comfortable feeling of being & secure? That’s how our meeting was. Honestly. Unexplainable.

It’s seem so funny to me that meeting me would be on her “Bucket List” as she said….I am flattered. But I am just human and not worthy of a “Bucket list” for sure. But I can say that I am so blessed and amazed at how God works. who would have known that three (maybe 2) years ago…(that’ how long it has been right?) that when I started a little blog on Qb that it would have turned into this? So many relationships, friendships..and families formed{God’s family}. Thinking about it makes me weep. I know who is in control….I know how blessed I am…honestly my cup runneth over. To be a part of God’s picture is more than enough. Meeting Marilyn just made me think of all these things while driving home. Marilyn was a blessing today…..Thanks so much!

SO I hate to say it…we had these grand plans of shop hopping…and we made it to one quilt shop listed here….This is my favorite shop in Spokane..she carries all my favorite designer prints. Stop in there if you happen to be in the area.  I actually took Marilyn to HObby Lobby….Hobby Lobby is new to all of us…but Marilyn already owns the whole store…LOL I didn’t know. But I wasted to much time visiting a few studios that don’t really deal with fabric….one of them is listed here . OMGoodness! This Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the BEST!!!  I bought a whole kit of stuff to paint a few pieces I own already…..and then I went to another studio in Spokane..I bought an antique ladder…thay I am paying that studio to paint….(shabby chic style) and I also bought a hope chest /bench….that they are also painting for me. WOW! For both items ..repurposed…I was charged 150$. That’s pretty amazing! I can’t wait to see what they look like…when they are done. Courtney is going to pick them up for me.  My plain old {no charachter} current quilt ladder was 180$. That I bought on-line a few years ago…so I am pretty excited with my purchases. PLus I feel good supporting small business’. Moms working to build a business to buy groceries and work around their families….Yeah..I need to support them. So the colors I bought…Old white, Paris grey…clear & dark wax. I will share before and after pictures of my projects. So Excited! So Poor Marilyn was neglected Spokane quilt shop hopping..while I was on an adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. LOL  You should read about it…I think you will want this product after you read about the process and how easy it is. I first read about it on this Blog. I love this gal’s work…and I live no where close to her to support her shop…but love her inspiration.  Anyhow……great day..I am home safe..Marilyn has family obligations…but we had a blissful day!

Thanks Marilyn!

also a special thanks to all the rest of my faithful readers…I really do feel blessings from you ..whether or not I know you or not…just the fact that someone {you} takes time to read my thoughts everyday…well that makes me feel special enough. If I have touched you in some special way….well then I just want to say …Welcome! You are now part of my family.



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  1. Amy May 12, 2012 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    Two beautiful ladies! You both look great! Glad you had a good time. :) I know I was there in spirit.

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