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Well many of you know that early on in my business we started a map….a map that my kids could tack states of where quilts have come from..we have since had to add a world map becuase we have shipped {many} quilts to Australia, Japan {as of today),Canada{many}, Netherlands, and a few other places I can’t remember right now. Anyway the world map isn’t up yet…but we are still trying to get all FIFTY states tacked. We have had NINE states left for a LONG time…Today we got to mark off North Dakota! YAHOO! {thanks RobinLee!}

SO the states we still have left to recieve?..I am so glad you asked!

Wyoming, Hawaii, South Dakota, Louisiana, Washington DC, Vermont, Rhode Island and Kansas. I am pretty sure we have recieved from Kansas..but in the process the gal had moved to we had to ship them back to Australia..not Kansas. So we are waiting patiently.

We have eight left!

Thinking about it the states with which I recieve the most quilts other than my own of course {WA}.

Alaska {thanks to those AK girls!) Texas….I was made an honorary Texan about a year ago…so I think a memo went out somewhere in that grand state cause they send me lots!, Illinois, and New York.¬† I have lived in AK before..but I have never even visited any of the other states..some day…someday!

So any of you thinking of sending a quilt to us for laq from one of the 8 states left? Contact us..we will give you a special discount for sending us a quilt to complete our states journey!


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  1. Karin April 5, 2012 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    Funny you get so many from TX – it’s so hot here year round, we don’t really need quilts! Well, at least in our part it’s warm – I hear it snows up in the panhandle!! (yuk!)

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