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Rob and I had a date last night. His Father’s day request was that I make his favorite pasta salad on Sunday. He also wanted to see “Man of Steel.”

I typically don’t watch these types of movies. I really dislike violence…..which knocks my movie library down several notches….then when I knock out graphic sex scenes…well that means I watch kid movies and some romantic comedies, musicals and inspirational stories. Those are my comfort zone.

So I knew going in it would be lots of violence. But every now and again I have to give in and go on a date with Rob. He doesn’t ever give in on my movies. So that means that we only go to kid movies together and soon enough that won’t be possible. We won’t have any kids to go with…LOL. Clarissa is 10.

Anyway I asked if we could see the late movie…that way I could get an extra couple of hours of work in…plus if we went to the late show we would get a booth. We have an old theater that has booths in the back …you can order pizza ( or other things) and sit comfortably during the show. So we opted to eat a late dinner and sit in the booth.

So I have to say I cried several times in the movie. I can’t help it. I am a cry baby. I also have to say that poor Clark ( or Cal) was so miserable with his life on earth. Human nature is so horrible…and yet he still rises to the occasion to save us. LOL My favoriet part in the movie is when he goes to see a Priest. The priest is overwhelmed….and as Superman walks out he tells him “sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith and the rest will fall into place” ( or something to that effect). I also love that the Superman emblem has a meaning. It actually is a symbol of “Hope” for his planet…..My middle name is Hope. I think this should be my new symbol. LOL

I am in love with whomever the actor is….First he is a hottie. I didn’t see it at first…but I think I am old and not really ever looking. But the think i love about him is his eyes. They were very expressive through the whole movie. I also loved his seemed to be just as expressive…maybe because most of his time on earth was miserable. ( speaking of miserable……Russell Crowe was in this movie….and honestly all I could think anytime I saw him was…”Is he going to start singing?”…I can’t picture him any other way…because I was so in love with Les Mis…LOL I know I am so silly!)

Anyway…..TONS of violence…if you have any issues with vertigo..don’t watch the movie.  I think it was a good movie. I always love a good love story….There are two really good Moms in this movie which made my heart swell…a loving dad. A very spiritual battle. I always have to look for these things when most of the content is violence..other wise it won’t keep my attention.  I also sometimes focus on all of that so much I may miss an element or two that I need to hear… I can keep up. hehe. Anyway …I hope you all have a great Father’s day Weekend.

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  1. The Rob June 15, 2013 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    Kal-El…..seriously, don’t you even pay attention?

  2. Donna Hodgson June 15, 2013 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    You cried?? Shock of all shocks…

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