Lori’s Yellow Brick Road

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Lori and I have worked together several times..we talk on the phone several times too. I should quit saying this…but it’s still true today..at 30 something years old…It’s amazing how God brings peole together. LOL I meet the best people with my profession.

Lori specializes in small pieces..exact piecing..LOL. Nothing seems to intricate or daunting for her.

So she has tried to send my boys a quilt before and I just couldn’t let them stipple it. I had to at least put an all over design on it…..

This time around I said we could. LOL

This is a Yellow Brick Road quilt…but she still had to change the size of the blocks..she thought they were to big. hehe.

Lori has been wanting to send something to my boys to support their business..as she was a young entrepreneur herself..and can appreciate their work.

She sent Carl a letter asking him to quilt his best work. I had to chuckle..because Carl Came to me, read the letter to me looked up and said “Mom I think all people want my best work, Don’t you?

I said “Yes” Of course they do. ¬†That’s his aspergers. So logical.

Anyway..it’s all finished and ready to go home..My favorite part actually is his little practice piece on the side of the quilt..I was watching him..he always gets a bit nervous when he starts and he needs me to re-assure him that he’s good to go. So he made his practice movements I told him all was well..and he worked on the quilt until he was done…..he loves that sense of accomplishment.¬† He doesn’t transition well…so he likes it to be done before he can move on to something else. I love that about him. …most of the time.

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