Little Things ( Pattern Release)

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Hi Everyone! I have been really busy. I have been trying to get a line of patterns released all year….and I have officially had 8 designs accepted in to a variety of magazines for next year.  WHEW!! I have been sewing-sewing- & quilting. I have to have help because I just can’t do everything..and the learning curve for writing is difficult for me. SO I have a friend helping me write patterns. I am so excited!!

So I officially have a pattern release today called “Little Things”

I made this aa my tribute to bees. The quote says”Often it’s the Littlest Things that make the biggest impact” I think that is so true of so many things and also of all of us.

I wanted to dedicate this to Janeane because all of those years ago she couldn’t have predicted that the “littlest” act of teaching me a few embroidery stitches could have turned into a career for me. It’s pretty amazing that my first pattern to be released is a hand embroidery pattern. ( J I am sending you a special copy) It’s where I started and how I got the quilting bug to begin with…and it is such a beautiful start to my line of patterns.  I have several coming out here are a few previews of what is in the works:

(That is of hand stitching patterns..they should be out really soon)

I really love quotes ( as many of you know) ..they inspire most of my work and I just think there are so many messages we should hear and surround ourselves with…..I just can’t help myself. I have already started hand stitching  another design. I also have several pieced patterns coming out…the samples are made…and most directions are written. I just have to photograph them and get covers ready ect. It feels really good to make progress and get some of my designs out into the world. I thank you all for your un-ending support and encouragement. It means the world to me.

My pattern is listed in my ETSY shop…the link is on the front page of my blog. But if you visit my FB page there is a special I am offering until Jan 1st if this pattern is something you’d like to make.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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