Little Bits

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Well you have all heard me talk about my friend Virginia….Yep she is real! LOL

anyway she comes over every now and again to use my machine….and she always thinks she needs to do something for me…well I just like to have her I could care less..but since she “wants’ to do something for me..I asked her is she would make me some more lovely labels. she made some for a few of us at Christmas ( the 9 patch ones)and I fell in I have to say the pictures you see are small..and yes..Virginia likes to sew these are tiny …the squares in the nine patch are only 1/4 inch. ..I know..and the dresdens..are to die for!

I am so Blessed! I was sorting thorugh quilts this morning trying to decide which quilts get these lovely labels..Beth came and brought a load of my finished quilts back:)

She keeps telling me she is going to steal some..But I think I may notice…she has plenty to keep her I have been cranking them out.

I also got a Navaho rose back from Darby yesterday..It was such a surpise..Darby is so sneaky! I even saw it on her blog and didn’t recognize it was mine..LOL But Beth took it before I got I will post it when she brings it back. It is fabulous!


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