Lilly Of Ephrata

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photo-2Monday night this dog made her way into our home and hearts.

I know. photo-3

My kids rescue every dog that comes around. By the time I got home from bible study they had had her a few hours and asked if she could stay the was late and she had no where to go. Nobody was looking for her. So I thought for sure the next day we would hear something. I posted this picture on Monday night.  photo


So Tuesday I called the police department. Nobody called to report her. Or ask if she was in Doggie jail. We only have dogie jail here..they keep them for two days then send them to a kill shelter. The shelter only keeps them a week. I promised I wouldn’t do that to her…my kids would have been upset with me. So I then posted these two photos on FB. Trying to see if somebody knew anyone..looking for her. I also went to the vet to see if she was micro-chipped. No

I don’t need any more pets. I am up to my eyeballs in fur , slobber and rotating vet bills. But I have to say this dog is perfect. She really is. She doesn’t yap when people come to the door, she doesn’t let the chaos of 6-8 kids scare or excite her. She doesn’t piddle or pee when she is scared or nervous…she is completely trained. She doesn’t beg for food…but I can tell she is spoiled because she doesn’t eat dry food.  You can also tell that she has been loved alot because she loves to cuddle and be near humans. The cat doesn’t bother her either.  She loves car rides as well.     IMG_5614-001

I am wondering if her owner passed away because you can tell that she was so loved and taken care of….so I can’t imagine someone treating a dog the way this one has been treated and not look for her or abandon her. We have not gotten any calls. IMG_5613-001

So I am not keeping this dog..I found a loving home for her with 6 kids…that are over the moon excited to have her. They are picking her up tomorrow. It is with a full and happy heart we will part with her…but I think all the kids love her ( Lilly) more than Gracie our big mastiff…because although Gracie wants to cuddle….Gracie weighs more than all of my kids..leaves a puddle of drool …and smells most of the time..LOL They don’t get to pick up up and hug and kiss her like we do with this little dog. The new family names he “Lilly” which is what Clarissa wanted to name her…so our hearts are full and I am glad that we didn’t have to kill an innocent dog that is clearly loved…by many now.  IMG_5610

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