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Well I know it’s been a while since I made a post about my life and all the blessings & struggles.  There are always many of both.

My bible study on Monday nights is going well…this next Monday is the last of our 12 women of the bible  study and I am kind of sad to see it end…we are keeping the bible study going…but during summer i thought we should just read from the bible since summer is difficult for everyone to show up consistently…and that way they don’t miss anything..everyone can read their bible and we can get together to discuss it. We are going to read Peter 1&2.

Rob and I are also part of another bible study on Tuesday nights. It’s supposed to be for leaders of the church. How to create a core group of church leaders and bring everyone on the same page….and create one common vision. It’s going well. I have to say that most of the people I go to church with I feel like we are just a big extended family. We share freely and work things out with each other.  I stayed until midnight with a few of them Tuesday night…we laughed, we cried, we shared. I love them. God brought all the right people in my life once again. He’s amazing!

Jeralyn is struggling in school. I would like to say it is senior-itis. But she has always been this way. She only has 7-8 weeks left of school she is 2-3 weeks into the quarter and she is missing 12 assignments. Drives me bonkers! She’s 18..when is she going to act like it? Not real sure? But I can tell you I am in fear of college in the fall if this is what her work habits are….she going to lose her scholarship and I have to let her. I know it’s not my fault. I know I did the best I could..and I know in a few weeks it’s her life and she gets to make her own choices..and live with them. This was such a hard concept for me to get just a few short months ago..but now I have peace with it. Now it’s just the waiting period for her to leave. The hardest part is knowing that my life & family will never be the same again….and I just know God has bigger plans.

I have been being blessed by the “Sponsor a  Haiti Missionary” project already.  Knowing  it is not for my own benefit makes it that much greater. I have a few people praying about it and thinking about it. I have a few donations..and plenty (hopefully) of quilt tops coming. My LQS said I could host a sale there to sell any of my quilts to benefit the mission…super excited! I need to get the money by July..which isn’t that far away… and I am pretty sure I can do it……Well I am pretty sure God can do it.

Bryce has been doing well in track. Cole and Preston have been bitten by the Kendama bug..and we ordered them last they have been stalking the mail. Cole’s arrived yesterday..Preston is still waiting for his. (: Carl is growing like a weed…cut his hair ( much to my dismay) and he is his normal funny self. Clarissa is getting stranger and stranger by the second. But she has been packing lunches for her dad..because she clears the table and it’s easier for her to think about than me. She put this note in his lunch the other day. ( sent me a picture of the back and front)  IMG_1924 IMG_5866

Mike is one of Rob’s co-workers. He is good entertainment cause his life is a hot mess. Rob comes home telling stories at dinner..and all of our kids laugh. Rob showed Mike the note at lunch. Mike asked if Rob shares those stories so that his kids know what not to do? Yes, that’s exactly right! LOL  I told Rob he needed to write her a note and hide it somewhere for her to find..cause she really just needs him to tell her he loves her. She reaches out to him cause he forgets to tell her. He is not good at talking about his feelings..and she needs to hear it from him. So he is going to do that. He doesn’t mind doing it..he just doesn’t think about it..and he doesn’t understand social cues…especially from girls. I have to tell him specifically what I need from him and he will do it…I just can’t expect him to know. That system works for us. He writes me letters. It’s easier for him to sort out his thoughts & not be put on the spot. teh bonus for me is that I can read them over and over..when I feel upset or lonely.

Our church is having a yard sale this weekend…and I am starting a sewing class with my friend Donna. So we have lots going on. Not to mention I have a new long arm class in the works at my LQS. Grid less. It was a great idea..I give all the credit to God for helping me out in these things. He has blessed me so much!


I hope you all have a great week! It’s almost over!










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