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Well I received a call from my brother on Friday. I am no longer on a roller coaster. Every thing is what it is…so there’s no HUGE let down…or emotion going on. I kind of laugh ( at him) and well he laughs ( at himself). It is what it is. I don’t have an issue talking with him or writing him..but I won’t help him with money or anything like that. I doubt he would ever call on me to be a character witness for him..LOL

But I do talk to him more when he is incarcerated. He likes to write lots of letters. He likes prison better than county jail….as do most criminals. Prison time is easier. He told me I should write to my sister ..he bets she will write back. I kind of have mixed feelings about that. I think that she quit talking to me years ago…and it’s not that I am being spiteful or prideful. I just don’t see what we have to talk about? We have not one thing in common except our mother…and we don’t see that the same either. She has been addict for 18 years. She has destroyed her children, her own life and everything in her wake.I don’t have any respect for her or her values. Of course maybe nobody really knows her…she doesn’t even know herself. While she is spending years in prison..I am sure she will have plenty of time to think about that.

I think it would be easier for me to write a complete stranger than her. Which I find a bit sad.   I can find more compassion for a stranger than my own sister? I am feeling a bit like the prodigal Son’s brother. So I am going to pray about it. See if she reaches out to me….and if I need to reach out to her..I will if God tells me to. My brother said it’s hard for them to get used to me..so I need to give her time. What? Adjust to me? I raised them and I have been the same. I tell them to get off drugs, get a job and be honest with themselves and everyone around them. I tell them I won’t help them…that’s why they find it hard to relate to me. I am not just handing them whatever they want and telling them everything will be ok. I kind of laughed at that!

So anyone have any experience with this? Did an estranged relationship ever get better being a penpal to a prisoner? I kind of have my doubts about this? LOL

Their next court date is September 30th. I wonder if they will even make it to court. They really need to cut deals if possible. Court would be all over the news and not in their favor. My brother maintains his innocence. Says he knew they had the girl..but he wasn’t involved in anything. His lawyer seems to think ( according to my brother..so who knows) he can get his charges dropped for the most part…or severely reduced. If my brother is charged with everything they have charged him with..he will get 17-23 years in prison because of his prior record. WA state is on a point system.

My sister she isn’t getting any good deals…she is the ring leader….and she only has one prior point. So she is still looking at a decade. Somehow my brother thinks that can be reduced…..and she will only serve 1-2 years? I don’t really see how that is possible..but I will let him dream while he is in there…..she will be fortunate if she only has to serve 5…and that is with a good deal…..if she goes to trial she will get more than 10.

One of the girls will spend the rest of her life in Prison because this is her third strike.

All of these lives ruined. So I guess I need to think of this prison pen pal thing. Good grief!



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  1. Suzette June 16, 2013 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Such a personal thing, but I have a brother with whom I have nothing in common. While we grew up in the same house with the same alcoholic and abusive father, my sister’s and I chose to be victor’s over our upbringing while my brother chose to be a victim. I chose years ago to sever all ties with him. I learned early in life it’s vital to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. For me personally, those who are not have no place within my circle of friends or are people I choose to associate with. My life is infinitely happier and richer for making these choices. They aren’t always easy to make, but once done, you reap the rewards!

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