Legit Rape?

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OK So any of you that have been following me..I am always behind the times a bit…I wouldn’t be surprised if I went to vote for this election and I was a month late…cause that’s how I am…in fact I may be in Haiti? Who knows?? In fact I may not vote at all because I am not sure I want to be responsible for any of the politicians (on teh ballot) ..and I will have to refrain from complaining since I didn’t vote? It will be the first time that I have not voted…as an American I like that right….but now I feel like it’s just a waste of time..please don’t hate me…it just seems to me that each election gets worse and worse..and maybe it isn’t the case…but maybe I am just changing….maybe it’s both? But to vote for any party right now..I can’t say that I would be proud of any of the antics that are going on. There is never a happy medium..always one extreme or another…and that’s not a balance..or healthy for any of us.

Anyway …not a political rant……but more support for Women and victims. I read this the other night. I think she is AMAZING! I think this statement is AMAZING! and I think she is BRAVE! Although, so many of us know someone, experienced it ourselves…or just have compassion for others. ….. Then to hear a man….talk about this subject in such a flippant manner?…is disturbing. Especially someone who is supposed to be concerned about our overall welfare..and protect us..as part of our government. When did compassion go out the window? ( I know this isnt a surprise to anyone….) I just feel the need to share because it only takes one person to make a difference. ( hopefully the positive one in this case) I want to support her statement.

It’s not just him…it’s every where. If I am flipping through channels..I can run across a comedy show on TV talking about boys being raped by their scout counselor..making skits about that….and people laugh. I am sensitive …I know. But I like that about myself..I find that content horrifying and I will not support that kind of comedy in any way. It’s all over the place. Don’t even get me started in NPR..and their stand on Child molesters. But This man ( I refuse to use his name to give him any legitimacy) …changed his original statement from legitimate to forcible rape? really who gets to draw that line?  Do all the kids that are raped everyday even have a voice or know what forcible means? How many types of rape does he know about? There are many definitions..and I am pretty sure he hasn’t a clue!

I say KUDOS to this gal for OWNING It! Showing it and stating it! I think it being a quilt …that goes on a bed….with red being a primary color is PERFECT symboilsm! Especially for a statement on this subject. She is FABULOUS!   What a powerful quilt!



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