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My Dh said that he felt I missed the mark because of my earlier post here. He thinks I had so much going in my mind that my thoughts got “gooey” ( which is quite possibly true)

I understood what Toad…er I mean Todd was saying ( oops I shouldn’t call names…slight miss of the tongue)……I just wanted to speak about people’s compassion in general. How there has been a breakdown. For any man to talk about rape….being enjoyable on any level no matter what type is just wrong. ( just as the comedy skits with inappropriate content)

If I were to even entertain the thought of elaborating on his views…well why don’t we ask the rape victims that systems didn’t shut down… they did indeed have a baby. There are 1000’s. Then to add insult to injury …Criminals have all of these “rights” ….so if that prisoner wants to get visitation with that baby..the rape victim is then subjected to take  this child to the prison every other week so this prisoner can see this child. ( these cases have gone to court and the criminal once again gets rights! appaling!)  This can happen in cases of date rape..or a random act of a violent serial rapist.

Or they choose not to sign over their rights for the baby to be adopted.

No part of this process from the beginning to the end in enjoyable for anyone involved….. except the demon that started it all.  ( or perhaps the politician backing him up)

I am a Christian and I think the abortion line is blurry here ( I know there shouldn’t be a blur at all….I am not perfect)….Being a mom myself and knowing how I could rise above and love a child that was conceived in such a manner…..if I had to put my child in harms way every other week and expose my child …well I don’t know that I could. So to finish my rant……I could violate the courts ruling and pay a higher price by being in contempt by not providing visitation…..which would probably be a higher price to pay than that criminal ever did for the souls that he killed, by his devious acts.

Hmmmm? what is wrong with this way of thinking?  who can support that?

Is that better Rob?

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