Latest Love and Confessions from Charisma

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Well I have been HOT! It’s been the high 90’s or over 100 degrees here……which is to hot for Charisma. I could just die and melt away. I like it to be a balmy 60 degrees. So I can manage with 70….when it get’s to 80 for get it…hot flash! Thank God! Rob installed my heating/cooling system in studio….or I wouldn’t be working…honestly. I think we already got our money out of it. LOL

Our Family’s latest love are these:

We live in a high population of Hispanics because it’ s farm country.  Rob works at a food processing plant…national frozen foods. If you look at all your frozen vegetables in any supermarket….you will probably see National frozen foods on a majority of them. Yep! We produce lots in our small county. Anyway a Hispanic man that used to work with Rob…decided he wanted to make ice cream bars instead of work at the plant. He and his family made the dream possible. In the next town over …Quincy, WA. They opened a little’s full of freezers…all sectioned out with their 20-30 different flavors of ice cream bars. They have been peddling these ….and selling them to vendors everywhere and they are starting to get picked least all across WA state.   My Dh works in Quincy….so it’s convenient for him to go pick some up after work….they have grouping deals. We buy 50 bars for 27.50 ( that’s about .55 cents a bar) …..and we choose all the flavors we want…..  My family has been eating these like they are going out of style…I think a huge appeal is that there are so many flavors we can choose from …believe me we all like different ones…but there is one overall family Favorite this one:

Yep! Bubble gum. All of us like this fact we all like it so much…there are no pictures.  We buy 25 of them. Then Bryce has this favorite ( even more than bubblegum):Yes! you are reading that correctly. This happens to be their hottest seller ( I think) I am not a fan. Maybe my first experience was bad…..but I was in the car and one of the kids told me to take a bite…and I bit a chunk off the top…it was all chili powder…not ICE cream goodness…( at least to me) But they also have Mango Chili..and Cole really likes Mango Chili



The kids are all tan and fit…they have been at the pool almost every day. All for different reasons.

I have been upset with Bryce……for a couple reasons…but regarding the pool. Well you all know..we live in a small town…..and I just suspected this day would happen.

When I first moved here I got wrapped up with some dramatic {girls} women…after about 18 months maybe I just had a talk with them and told them the relationship was unhealthy and I needed to end those friendships. The rumors that went around were insane. I rarely run into them…I felt it was cordial when we ended but apparently it bothered them that I didn’t want to be friends with them. ugh! Anyway those women all had little girls….Do you see where this is going? One of those women I wasn’t really friends with…she was a friend of a friend..but I got the immediate vibe that she was “Crazy” {you know how you get that stay away from this person…right?} Anyway…through the course of everything I was right and glad that I had never invested in her.  Well now her oldest daughter is going to be a freshman ( same age as Carl) …she has been involved in so much drama ..she had to leave our school district and go to another one for a year or something. Now she is hoping to enter our school system again for her high school years.

So I am normally a person who isn’t going to judge by all of that…I mean seriously..I came from Chaos and Trash….so certainly I can overlook alot…right?

Well this is what bothers me. She was flirting with Bryce to get his attention….he’s a sophomore this year.  She tells him she “wants his body”….then  when he walks away ….Cole is standing there with his and her friends and she looks at Bryce and “Growls at him” …Knowing full well Cole will tell Bryce..then she tells Cole to tell Bryce to Sneak out at night and meet her at a park in town.

This is where my judgement comes in. What kind of a girl does this? Honestly? When I was a single WOMAN…dating MEN……I would have never talked like that. Much less a CHILD.

I am all for women’s rights and getting/asking what you want…..I studied women’s studies…but this type of behavior from a child is really upsetting to me…..and her targeting my son. UGH! Well he did not have his eye on her…at all. However she has made him think twice and he is flirting with her and texting her. I can’t stand that. He doesn’t really like her..but enough interaction with her and that will change…or something bad will happen. Hormonal teenage boys are not safe to talk to like that….If it were any other parent I would contact them..tell them that they need to get their daughter some help….but given the situation…I don’t feel that is safe..or that it will be treated like there is any problem at all. Bryce has said he has recognized some weird things about her.. he is not going to “date” her…but she is pretty and he likes flirting with her..well I think we all know what that means?….I am not an idiot. I also feel bad for a way ( when I am not upset) …for her to feel she needs to get that type of attention..she clearly has some issues that she needs help with…and if she were my daughter I would get her some treatment.  So I have been trying to stay up late every night making sure all kids are home. Lack of sleep makes me crazy….and  less than myself. Weary. I have doubts about making it through so many teenagers. I don’t know what I was thinking?

I know what I thought….”Oh my kids won’t be bad” UGH!  Someone should have smacked some sense into me.  This situation isn’t amusing to me at all….and it makes me worried about the future even more.

So that is confession number one…..I am upset with a teenage girl and shouldn’t be judging…but I am son is involved. I am aware my son is not perfect (but he still has not even kissed a girl yet…well as of the end of the school year…maybe that has changed now with that girl!…See how evil I am being?  ) and I think with this type of girls being out there is he supposed to stay clear of danger?

More confessions: Better ones….I am not’s quilty related… UFO’s

WOW this is insane!

I have decided I can’t start another project until I finish some UFO’s…some of these are years old because life kind of went at a stand still when I started quilting as a business. It was an accomplishment to get most of my quilt tops quilted..and that has taken me all year. I have a few left from scrappy trades..The  boys are practicing on a few today…I only have a couple left..which has never been the case for me. So now I get to start piecing again. I have taken pictures of many of my half started projects….it’s overwhelming..because there are so many. I have the best of intentions for dragging stuff out and looking at them…then they stay on my cutting counter …as “incentive” for me to finish them and not forget them. For a year I have not seen my cutting counter…I am not even kidding.  I find comfort in knowing that at least my “unquilted tops” bin is empty…but do you see how this cycle goes? Now I need to finsh some things..that bin will fill up. When will I resign to the fact that my “In-box” will always be full? I will never be completely caught up…cause my brain doesn’t operate like that. I will never be one of those people that can work on one project until it’s finished. However, I do find comfort in the fact that I do eventually finish all of my projects..even if that means sending it away …knowing I can’t or wont…or trashing it doesn’t stare at me. Mocking me…..I know when to give up. But the good part is..I hardly ever give up. But it is overwhelming knowing where to start… Here’s my cutting counter…please no judgements….I know. LOL. Like my snacks? Cheez-Its and chocolate carmels….in my defense they have been there for weeks….cause my latest obsession is ice cream bars { is that really better?}.The black strips are for binding..those are already with the finished quilt..waiting for Beth to arrive…so those are off the counter now..YAY!  The pick and raspberry blocks are from several swaps on QB…form oh..year 2010 or something…yeah maybe 2009? I can make several quilts from those…so they are on my list.

Now we have this pile of batiks..those are for a special project…that is needing to be finished for my quilt swap with Victoria…so I can’t show any part of the quilt cause..well I want it to be a surprise I wanted it finished in time for the show cause I want to do some ruler work quilting….but ran out of time. So it won’t be long before the piecing is actually done.Both of these projects I bought at a quilter’s yard sale…really like I need to start buying other people’s UFO’s? What the heck. But they were cute…and I thought I could..and they were only a few $. SO I am returning the favor…when I got rid of two of mine…yeah two… I bought two.I also have all of these flower bloks..just waiting to be put in a setting… Cute! How is that not inspiring?My wool block of the month….it’s so pretty I really need to get beyond the first block.the mystery quilt….yeah I coudl easily have this finished in an afternoon..I already know all the blocks…yeah…pathetic..I know.This basket is full of a Halloween project I started in 2009?’s so cute! also an afternoon project.this is a Christmas project….yeah…another one..I just love Christmas quilts.This is the latest center I received for the IRR. I actually have my idea..I am just trying to figure out how to use my Lazy angle soon as that happens…Magic! LOL If not I need to find a plan “B” …but I will ask my Loving DH today to help me. I also found some on-line videos that I will watch….gotta love You-tube.

I would like to say this is all I have…but that would be a lie…cause after I took all these pics I found more…but I will just work on these for a bit.

So It is my goal to get one quilt top finished tomorrow…..maybe two if I concentrate……


But I actually have a few more confessions…this post just got even worse…I know..but please just LOVE me anyway. I bought these two books yesterday: Clearly one of those crazy girls I would never want to date any of my sons……so I add to her pocketbook..I could just smack myself. Then this one….I watch this show…I am addicted it it. I know. In some diluted way I think I could be a “Sister Wife” …I know…right? weird. I don’t believe in the lifestyle…my guidance from the Holy Spirit doesn’t tell me it’s the right thing to do. But I do love this family.

Weird thing is….There is a high rate of LDS in my small town. We have several friends in the LDS church. Anyway…..I was at the shop discussing the season finale of the show a few weeks ago ( with Virginia..cause she watches too) and there was a gal in the shop…she had walked in during the process of our conversation…and shopped for awhile..then said “Oh you must be talking about Sister wives..I watched too” …then she said “I have polygamists in my family…in fact my uncle is Warren Jeffs”

Uh….why would anyone say that? He is a BAD guy. I wouldn’t claim him.

I was stunned. Like literally. Before I knew it all I said was: Are you a plyg?

LOL I didn’t want to focus on Warren Jeffs…clearly. We do have polygamists in our town as well. She said “no”……I had to walk away. LOL weird….if my only claim to fame was a child molester….yeah…I wouldn’t share that. Thanks. See why I need to confess?






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