Lake House

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Well Cindi (the LQS owner) is out of commission right now. I quilt for my LQS as well as here. She has given me a few quilts to quilt for her…this one in particular she has had laying around for awhile..I have seen it used for lots of different examples..but the poor quilt has never been quilted.

This is the type of quilt that I would think would appeal to Cindi or her family because they are western/wildlife type people. They own a cabin….it has no electricity, or running water or phone service and they go there on VACATION? HUH? When I go on vacation, I was LUXURY. They have to build a fire to cook and heat up the cabin. Ummm yeah why do I want to do all that work on vacation? No thanks. LOL  I will take the big city and a comfy hotel bed for my vacations…throw in a chlorinated pool and I am there! LOL


But i actually like this quilt as well..I love the way the blocks are set in…the on-point setting of this quilt is just beautiful. It’s amazing how different you can make a few blocks look by setting them on point. It looks so much more tailored or something …doesn’t it?


I just wanted to add simple leaf’s being donated to a charity at the end of the month…and I had complete freedom to quit how I wanted…had I had more time maybe I would have done something a bit more dynamic..but I have to give Beth time to bind it and I have a few detailed projects waiting for me…so I had to let it be a simple custom job…which actually suits it.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Karin February 9, 2012 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    That’s really pretty Charisma – as soon as I saw it, I thought it might work for your box of scraps!

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