Keepin It Sassy

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I have been loungin.

I should be out of the funk…but i seem to always be that way when i get home from any trip. I always need a few days of recovery. Fun or not. It’s the way I am. It makes it hard to leave home because I know I am this way. I had several bargello panels made up when I left….I had made one of them but not both of them… I finished up the second center last night. Now I just need to put borders on both of them. Borders are not my favorite thing to do..and instead of torture myself I decided to wait until I could muster up the  ambition to get them done. I also have several bindings I need to get finished up…I don’t have that much time to get my Haiti money in…so i need to get crackin.  If any of you want raffle tickets for my raffle quilt…drawing is june first…tickets 1$


Last week I made a spur of the moment purchase..Did I need it? no.  But it just made smile so I bought it.

There is a line of fabric …I bought it at my Local Quilt Shop , The Fabric Patch. They have yardage and the panel.IMG_5234 IMG_5236

It is so funny!IMG_5239

I made a quilt…it’s all Moda, Keep it Sassy….except the news print is by timeless treasures which my shop also has. I used some FQ’s to frame in the panels. I got some close up pics so you can see the funny sayings. IMG_5237


This is my favorite oneIMG_5240

Here are some of the fabrics:IMG_5243 IMG_5242 IMG_5241



Isn’t that hilarious?

I am also using the fabric for the backing…..if you want this shop has plenty( as of last week anyway) and i think they do flat rate shipping. I just thought I would share….I hope you all get a smile out of it too!

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  1. Jen May 23, 2013 at 9:12 am - Reply

    I love traditional…esp. civil war. But now that I have a little girl who likes to help pick out fabric…we bring home lots of brights! Some of those booths have some really neat ideas/fabrics…any chance you can remember who they are?

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