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Hi everyone! Well I just have so much to share..but running behind perusual..so I will post pictures for now..and come back later ( hopefully)

Julie sent me this quilt..I actually think she bought the pattern from me a year ago when I listed it on Qb….and I think I held on to that for several years before de-statshing and I am glad to see someone used it..it turned out great. she personalized it with many different embroidered items…and Her grand daughter’s name. She sent it for the boys to do an all over stipple. They charge a penny a square inch.

She also used a fleece backing…we use batting with fleece because it just makes everything stay where it’s supposed to and doesn’t make the cotton look crinkly and or tugged.


The other thing that you may not see in the pattern that is really cute besides all the pockets surrounding the kangaroo is the kangaroo herself has a huge puch to hold that special little baby or something.    I bought it because Clarissa’s nic-name is actually “Roo” ..she is the baby of the family and I had decorated all of my kids’ nurseries in the theme of “Winnie the pooh” we started calling her that when she was a baby and it stuck….Anyway Julie did an AWESOME job on this quilt.. I am just sure it will be loved and treasured!




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  1. Sarah February 27, 2012 at 5:14 pm - Reply

    Ellianna is super excited to get her new cuddly blanket. She is already gathering things to put in the pockets.

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