Kali is 5 Years Old

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Kali is 5 years old. 2020 has made it all the more happy because she has had a rough year.

She has a thyroid issue that cause her debilitating arthritis. We had a leg surgery. We also found out that she is diabetic so she gets shots twice a day.

I have to say that the adjustment has been difficult for me. It wasn’t so much the shots or the schedule…those were an adjustment. But I didn’t sleep for like 2 months. Anytime she started panting, or looked funny…if she rolled over weird in the middle of the night I was waiting for her to have some sort of episode. A dog can’t tell you that they are feeling dizzy or that something is wrong. I wouldn’t let her out of my sight. I was making her nervous because I was constantly checking on her.

I finally had to let it go…I was driving us both crazy. Plus I felt like I couldn’t leave my house unless someone was with her or I would take her with me…and I figured that I needed to quit being so paranoid. There are other people who live perfectly normal lives with diabetic dogs.

I have taken her in several times to have glucose monitoring and she has done well. So we have all of her dosages correct. I had to let go. That was hard but I want both of our lives to have some quality…and with neither of us sleeping and/or having massive hysteria when she makes any sort of normal noise wasn’t going to be helpful. Can you imagine if I would have had a child with any sort of serious illness? I would be a basket case. Here, I have a dog …and I am losing my mind making sure she is doing ok. I am thankful that I work from home. I think I wouldn’t have ever adjusted otherwise.

For the most part she spends all of her time by my side. She is typically laying in the studio watching me work and follows me around. I think she knows at this point that we probably need each other. When Rob is home she will spend some time with him and she goes to bed at the same time he does because he goes to bed earlier than me. Some days she will wait for me…..but mostly she feels comfortable at that time to let me out of her sight.

She is still battling her weight. We have her on low calorie foods. She thinks she is starving every single day. She is my spirit animal. I swear.  But after her leg surgery she is doing so much better and she is able to really run again. The vet wants to hold off on the other leg because she is doing so well. so I am thankful for that.

So a happy 5 years to my little girl! We are lucky we still have her and I will do everything to make sure she has as much quality and life as I can.

The adventures of dog life …..I wouldn’t change for anything.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!



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  1. Sue June 19, 2020 at 10:07 am - Reply

    Hi C,
    Our cat, Carmello, became diabetic when he was 11. We put him on a diet of nothing but meat (no grains or fillers etc) and it totally reversed it. He got 2 shots of insulin per day before the change and then nothing for the rest of his life. My husband checked his blood sugar daily using that small vein in his ear and the readings were always in the normal range.
    Your furbaby is adorable!

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