Julie’s Quilts

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Julie sent all of these quilts and I was so excited to work on them. They are all different and all fabulous! She always has a variety of projects and she does a great job.

First up are these cute Quilters:

If I am one of these ladies in the one with the upside down blocks….I will own it! LOL

This is a beautiful winter wall hanging. I am guessing it’s a McKenna Ryan design….so beautiful. I love all of her patterns. Julie has made several.

This Batik kitty is so sweet! Taking time to smell the flowers. We can all learn from a cat. Can’t we?

I think all of the quilting designs are pretty visible…so you can see how I accented each quilt.

But this last one is another Dream Big Panel. She added borders to make it a bigger quilt. It turned out so beautiful. I have decided that all of these dream big panels are just beautiful no mater how you quilt them.

Thanks Julie! always beautiful quilts! Pleasure working with you!


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