Jeri’s Senior Photos

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Jeri got her Senior photos taken last fall.

A gal at church took them for us…and did all of the editing. I think Jeri is a hard subject to photo…I won’t go into lots of details….but I thought I would share a few photos. We are currently planning her graduation party, Rob is putting together a slide show for us to display during her party. We are using the church for her party.  I am working with Mary to get her announcements and invites ready we can send them out. Then we just have to wait until we get closer…but it’s only a few months away. Doesn’t seem possible.  3 1_14IMG_6679-001IMG_6808


My beautiful Daughter shouldn’t be old enough to graduate. ( In my best Forrest Gump impersantion…which isn’t really good) “That’s all I have to say about that”

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