It’s been a few days.

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I have so much to post. I have plenty of pictures of course. I planned on catching up yesterday. My friend Virgina came to quilt..she left at noon and suddenly it hit…A horrible flu bug that had me detained in the bathroom…lovely right?

Thankfully today I got outta there and I can function. I am weak but that is far better than yesterday. It was weird.

So today I a finishing up the quilts I had started over the weekend..hopefully I can get back to quilting shortly.

On Sunday night we went to a performance at the CMA church in Moses Lake. Itw as AMAZING! They have AMAZING talent in that church. It’s a huge church for one thing….and it’s really a beautiful church. They must have to run it more like a business because it has several congregations.  But the performance was called ” Not Too Far” and it was the story of Jesus’ birth ( of course) and John the baptist. They presented it in a humorous way…but still kept true to scripture. They also had amazing songs during the screen changes..with talented musicians and vocalists. They ended the performance with a beautiful version of “Mary did you know”….there were several images on the background screen and several men singing the vocals. It made me cry…honestly. The other beautiful thing was that….we had taken a gal with us ( from church) who didn’t know the story.

My kids were complaining that I was dragging them to another reading of Jesus’ birth…that they knew the story inside and out…why was I making them go?    I guess I take for granted that everyone must know the story. I realized after a few scenes that she may not know what was going on so I asked her….she didn’t. SO I explained a few things as we went along…..It really made me think. It is always touching to me….I find something beautiful each time…living with ungrateful teens sometimes put you in a rough spot……but after realizing that she found such wonder and amazement in this bible story it made me think differently. It also made me think about how fortunate I am to be educated. This gal has a learning disability…she was put in a special needs class for reading when she was in third grade and quilt school in 6th grade. So she doesn’t know how to read. very well. She can’t just pick up a bible. So I told her she should get a children’s bible..many people start out that way just to get the background of the stories…in fact I can read and that exactly what I did…before I jumped in the bible. This gal has been in and out of jail/prison her whole adult life..and is trying to turn a new leaf.  She has been coming to church for a year and so far things have gotten better in her life….she is really trying. It makes you believe in second chances. Only if a person wants it…..of course. :)

So again…taking anything for granted is just so difficult isn’t it? When we have so much to take for granted? We really are the wealthiest nation in the world…free education, free healthcare ( in some cases) …and free food if we need it. I am beginning to believe there is no reason for any child to starve in our country. I know there are…but I have no idea why? It seems in my area at least it couldn’t be possible….there is always free food at churches….food banks and welfare. We give coats to kids…boots….and backpacks with school supplies.

I think about my kids life…I often wonder if they will make it. I have spoiled them…they have never needed a thing in their lives. Wants have been little as well. Sometimes they need that hunger to actually make it. Strive for something.

On Friday night we had movie night at church. We watched “A Christmas Story” such a classic story….we all laughed…and it’s almost 30 years old..can you believe that? I have been watching it my whole life…iconic.

Saturday I worked….and then I watched MIB3 with my family. I didn’t get to choose the movie of course. But it was nice to just be and rest with them.

I will post some pictures..I hope you all have a wonderful week.



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