IRR group 2

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I just love my IRR group…..I am anxious to see what the next round is going to be on my quilt..only two more people and it comes back home to me…and it is looking so pretty.

Well the group I am involved with now..we are staying together and going to do another 5 month trip with new centers….and I started another group because I am just in love with the whole collaborative process. So I am working at getting my centers ready to send out in May. I will also have a round added at the end of the weekend to my current quilt…for Carol. YAHOO! It’s so adorable!


So here is center #1 for May…..

Last year my quilting group made me birthdya blocks….well I had 9-10 of them and 6 of them went into a quilt we made for our local waitress…she makes sure we get our favorite table every Friday and memorizes our order every week..very nice! So I had three extras…This one Jeri made for me…and it is so specific that it really needed to be made into a fabulous quilt. so I added this border…and we will see how it blooms in the end.

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