IRR Group ( #1)

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Well this is my second to last quilt( that I will recieve to sew a round on) for this group before our original quilts are finished..Thank goodness we decided to send out a new center because this a a GREAT group of gals!

I added the HUGE daisys for this quilt round. I originally knew I wanted to add green..and I thought I could go to the shop and cut out little daiseys and applique them on….but then I made mysef think BIGGER..outside the box.   I wanted them to fit in with the original heart in the center of the quilt so I clipped around the edges. I love this little quilt. Carol is going to gift it to her little baby granddaughter…and she sent a picture of Natalie with the we could all see her..she is ADORABLE!   Clarissa is in love with thr quilt and the cute little baby as well..LOL! Now this will go on to Nell for the last round…I just love how all of these are unfolding! It’s just amazing!

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