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Well early this week I was writing about my turmoil. I have been processing all week……i feel so much better today…and I had some more insight yesterday. I listened to this twice.

I would highly recommend this. Lysa discusses the inside chatter…what I usually call the “reel in our mind”….that endless junk in our minds that steals us from having peace, joy or success.

I cried both times….because there are several examples I identify with in both of their stories.

But what pertains to me now is this….that most of my young adult life I had to squash the part of me who thought I was identified by my parents and where I came from. Just because I had crazy parents, drug dealing parents and an abusive household….doesn’t mean I am not worthy.  Just because they are that way doesn’t mean I will or have to be that way. They don’t/can’t define me. Yes …they changed who I am…but I am an adult and I can work on myself and reach for success in any area of my life.

Now I am a parent releasing a child….her choices also can’t define me. Just because she makes bad choices …doesn’t mean I was a bad parent…it simply means she makes bad choices and she gets to live with them. WOW! How freeing is that? She is an adult and she gets to choose her path…I have done everything I can do. It’s not about me. It’s about her.


This webcast is only on for a limited time…so if you want to watch it ….check the cut off date and plan for it.



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  1. Fran January 31, 2013 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    I think you have found peace. Our children, as adults, will make their own decisions and we just have to live with them. We don’t have to like the decisions or agree with them, just realize that they have to amke them

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