I’m Home, Finally.

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I have to say this trip was a little more difficult than the others. I don’t think it was the trip itself. I think it’s the impending trip. I leave for Haiti 2 weeks from today. I have decided that I am not going on any more long trips away from my husband. I get so homesick being away from him. It has never been this way…..I have always been independent….more free that he and it wasn’t a problem. But lately he has been my comfort zone? is it my age? I don’t know? ( what a baby I am?)

I arrived really late on Saturday night…..finally slept ( like a baby)…got up in time for church and it was potluck Sunday…So while we were in worship I ordered fried chicken from wal-mart deli. :) Rob picked it up…LOL!

This is also Pastor Appreciation month…..so we took our Pastor and his wife to dinner last night. We just love them. It’s so nice to jive with someone(both of them) that leads and loves you. Rob and I have also been nominated to be on the board. It can only be one of us….and the position starts in March. So we are supposed to pray about it and decide. I want Rob to do it….but he wants me to do it. I think he under estimates his leadership abilities…he doesn’t feel confident enough. He thinks I am better at following the spirit…..but I think he is to hard on himself. So I will do what he wants me to do…..but I really want him to pray and think about it.

I was also able to get everything unpacked..and organized yesterday.

The trip was amazing! The quilts were AMAZING! Some of them I had seen at the shows before. But what is funny is grand prize was at another show didn’t place ( or didn’t place as high) and this time around it took grand. You just never know…so I would encourage everyone to just take the chance and enter.

Also it seems that not alot of people think they should come to MQX because it’s geared towards machine quilters. Well it’s a show….as well as other type vendors..so I think it appeals to all quilters not just machine quilters. Of course almost every machine is represented there for the people interested in purchasing a long arm. But I bought fabric and other goodies as well.

I also met some pretty great people. It’s always so inspiring to me. I get to put faces to names I know..Cynthia…emailed me early on in my career and told me I was under pricing myself…She knew my worth before I did..cause I was unsure. She was so nice to talk to and share. Like old friends meeting up. Thanks Cynthia!

I also met up with some souls that are just kindred. It’s amazing to me….God just really matches you up with all the perfect people…it’s just beautiful!

I also met Angela Walters. I was kind of feeling like I was going to miss out because I didn’t have a chance to take some classes because I was working my booth…..and Angela came to my booth and said “Are you Charisma?” GAH! I was super excited! So we chatted a few minutes while she was on break from teaching. I didn’t want to take up much of her time so I didn’t even think about getting my Camera. darn! well there is always next time. Hopefully!

Also I got to test out some new additions to INNOVA. I tried their cross hatching system….thinking I will get that. They also just came out with a new computer called “The Navigator” which is a smaller version of the Auto Pilot…..I am thinking about that….it’s pretty amazing. They also came out with a bobbin cam. All these new little additions.

I finished 7-8 quilts while I was there…….which is nice. If I were home I could have done more ..but that’s ok. I get to meet so many nice people.

Well I will have to download some pics..and share them later. This is my meal delivery week..I need to get some quilts done…and start my week.

Blessings to all friends new and old.



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