I See YOU Quilt

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I have gone completely bananas lately and hit some kind of designers stride. It’s been insane.

A few weeks ago I posted a quilt called ” Be Seen” and it’s been a very popular pattern for me. My friend, Sally challenged me to design a quilt called “I see you” to be a sister to “Be Seen” So this is the design that I came up with ….and I love it!

Do you want to know a little secret that will always make me laugh when I see the cover of this quilt pattern?

I was scouting out locations to take pictures and they had all of these colorful buildings in Soap Lake, WA. The quilt is hanging on a bathroom covering the bathroom door….and the quilt is named “I see YOU” The comedy in that!! lol

But the pictures are so perfect! I will be going back to that park for a few more photos. There are plenty of good photo places in that little town.

So this is really an easy quilt to construct and I am having so much fun designing with a rainbow of colors. I cannot wait for the next few designs in this series to be released. I finished quilting another one tonight. So I will be getting pics soon. They will be ready soon. I also have another new series that is almost ready. I have to finish one more quilt and get them photographed. But it’s a cute little series featuring 5 designs in various sizes and projects.

I am amazed at all I have accomplished this year. I will get down on myself and then I will start to really take an inventory of all that I have accomplished. We still have 2 months left in this year. I have published 74 patterns. 7 of them were published in Dec 2018. So that means in 2019 so far I have published 67 patterns. I have more coming. That means I have designed and made more than 1 pattern & quilt a week. I in fact have made more than that because of all of my magazine work and the duplicate quilt samples. That’s a lot. I have kept up on my long arm work. I have hosted my first retreat. I have taught several work shops and I had a booth at my first show. I am tired. There is no doubt. I am really trying to make a go of this business. I hope at some point it will start generating the income that it needs to. This is a difficult business to break into and make money. I have learned this. I will keep trying until I decided I gave it a good go and find plan B.658. LOL

Well that is all I have for today. I want to make a post of my most recent publications. I am trying to find one of the issues of the magazine….I can’t find it to get pictures. But I will be posting that soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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