I Hit a Wall.

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Yeah that wall that keeps you from completing any mundane task…you know the one, right?

yeah..I hit that yesterday at like 3.

I went to bed early but still had to stay awake because Carl has away games every Monday night and has to be picked up late. I won’t let him walk home at 11 at night. If I fall asleep I probably won’t hear the phone when he calls.

I am officially sick now. That means I have not been resting like I should. I need to get caught up and get to many things done before I leave…13 days is¬†the countdown.

Rob and I went shoppong for my mission stuff..but I forgot the building supplies list…which is why he needed to go with me..LOL. Thank God he loves me…cause he is patient sometimes…more than I am.

I think I am getting nervous about the mission..so I just need to keep myself busy so I can’t think about it…you know? That way it can just creep up and I don’t have a choice but to go and forget about¬†everything else. I have to rely on God for everything and he will bring me through.

Well I better get going…I need to squeeze out whatever energy I have to get something accomplished today.

Blessings to all of you.



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