I am going to Haiti

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I think anyway……I mean I am pretty sure…..LOL

Today we had missionaries from Haiti visit our church…they have a short term mission in November with two spots left. I am signing up. So I am hoping there is still an opening for me. I am also hoping I can get someone I know to go with me…but that is not a deal breaker because I know of the 20 people going after our short time together we will be friends/family. ..probably for life.

I knew I was supposed to go on another mission …and I have been waiting for the perfect spot to arise…..I am ready.

I only need to earn 1400$ to go…that doesn’t seem so daunting……so I am in. (hopefully)

I am excited, scared, nervous and I know it will only get worse as it gets closer ( if I am accepted) ….but at the heart of it…is God. So i set all of that aside and just go. He will pave the way for me.

I am going to get a pile of quilts ready to sell….and earn the money to go …..lots to do…..

It also dawned on me that I will be gone for 2 weeks in November…busy season for quilting….That is kind of stressful…but at the same time..some things ( God)  are more important than business…..so I will just have to be mindful of that and apologize to all of you……I hope you understand.

I feel God’s call for me is important to follow.

So Please pray for God’s will to be done in this situation.





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  1. Deb in Japan July 16, 2012 at 3:37 am - Reply

    The lord will pave the way. Just let your customers know if they want it done by Christmas they better get it to you by the first week in October.

    Not sure how you feel about raffles. But How about doing a raffle for a coupon for custom quilting. $1 – 1 ticket and tell the folks that you will give away 1 coupon for every $???.00 dollars raised.

    Just an idea!

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