I Am Back

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Well I left Friday afternoon….

I had a great drive to Spokane. The 3 boys rode along with me because their dad lives in Spokane…and it was his weekend.    It was a funny drive there..we had a great time. Blasting music and singing at the top of our lungs…We talked about school…girls/dating and life. It was one of those 2 hours segments that I love in my life. Talking and sharing with my kids ..just finding out where they are and how they think. Sunday was a whole other 2 hours that I would like to forget because the boys were real cranky and we all fought for those two hours. Rough times.

However…when I got to the hotel all the girls were already there and we stayed up late talking and sharing…per usual. It’s so nice to have them. Saturday we went to a couple different craft fairs. I kind of have to say I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t really fall in love with anything. There were a few cute things…but I used to just love going to craft fairs and getting ideas or inspiration. For one thing it is probably hard to impress me because I see a lot myself…but also maybe because of Etsy & pinterest it is difficult to compete. It seemed there weren’t that many vendors….and there seemed to be lots of similar vendors…lots of jewelry, candles and food.

I used to buy lots of jewelry…but I work from home and I don’t need to invest in a whole lot anymore because I have plenty for what I wear. Food is a funny thing because even if I like it..they don’t sell food in bulk at craft fairs..so that doesn’t suit my family well. Candles….well I have tons…so I can’t justify spending 20$ on two candles to haul around…when I don’t really need them.

I on’y saw a few booths that sold quilts. Quilts are so difficult to sell for a profit….fabrics are so spendy….and the time and what not included..I was kind of shocked to see three booths. One of the booths had them priced about right. She specialized in needle turn applique and hand quilting. I have to say she was very talented and knew her talent so they were pricey pieces…but I would say worth it.

The next gal had only made baby quilts..she hand quilted them and listed them all for 55$ Simple designs..simple quilting and I would say wal-mart fabrics. I think her pricing was about right as well…She did a cute job.

There was one other booth…the only thing in her booth were quilts. They all had the same pattern..which was one cut of fabric with a border. Then binding. SID and no other quilting. She was asking the same price for all of them.   She had a mix of nice fabrics and wal-mart fabrics. I would have maybe been interested in talking to her to ask if this was a good market for her? I was unsure….you just never know?

There were several booths with aprons and tote bags…those did pretty well.

I left with a necklace ( it’s a funny one..it has a picture of a girl, looks like she is kind of thinking, and it says “What I really need are minions”) and some kettle corn. I know last of the big spenders?   I really wanted to buy something…but I just didn’t find anything that was calling me. I want to support small business….but I must be hard to please? I Don’t really know.

My friends and I get together and we don’t really drink or go clubbing. But we did get 2 free drink coupons for our hotel bar. So we decided to go down at 9:30 and see what was happening. I got two shirley temples…the bar tender had talked me into trying some pomegranate vodka in one of them….so I tried that..and we passed it around among us….it was pretty good. I just am not a drinker..I can’t recover from that as I get older…so it’s just best not to do it.

When we got finished shopping and craft fair hopping we went to dinner…we decided to go to a movie. we saw “Safe Haven” it’s the new Nicholas Sparks movie. Awe. I was in love with the troubled widow who fell in love with the stranger in town. The ending was so good…and I won’t give anything away…but if you like NS other movies and books you will love this one as well.   I will buy it when it comes out.

The we went back to the hotel and played aboard game called “Quelf” …..umm this game is seriously crazy! I am going to buy it for our friday night game night at church. As the girls were saying..”I laughed so hard I cried down my leg”  ( get it…cause all of us gals have had babies so we pee our pants with a strong cough or laugh?) . This game is INSANE. I don’t think you could drink and play it…..we were laughing so hard I had stomach pains. We all had to do stupid stunts, say stupid things and half the time nobody new why. Fun times.

I had to race home because the new church board was being elected and the annual meeting. I missed most of it except the end of year reports….But Rob was indeed elected onto the board. That has been in the balance…for several reasons.   But basically because we have some trouble makers at church who want to cause problems. When I church grows to fast there are certain changes that happen…and growing pains that occur. The older members are having a hard time with change and growth..they want to control everything…but have not yet realized that God is in control. God has a place for everyone…and there needs to be change. So the last couple of weeks have been trying.

I also had my final meeting today with the people I needed to meet with…and give my statement. The past issues that have come up…that I have had to deal with…it is done.  This has been hanging over my head..I worked through most of the painful part last week..I had to have my final moment….and I just have to give God all the glory. I know he is in control. I know he gave me the wisdom and the words to say. There has been this cloud…and immediately it was over. I know that i did everything I could do…and that I was heard….and now it will be the middle of May before I hear the final results….but I know God will answer me in a mighty way.  It is done! YAHOO! PRAISE BE TO GOD!

Tonight I have to cancel bible study because there is a church meeting that we have to attend. I am also just handing this over to God…and hoping that we all act in his will…and that the outcome is what is suitable for all of us.

It’s almost 2 pm and it has taken almost everything out of me today. But I see that there are new horizons ahead..and I will be glad to finally start 2013 in the proper way.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. May God bless and Keep you!



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