Homecoming day

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Today was a busy day for the kids…..we finally got rid of our old tires…and an old pop fridge. Someone came and picked them up…yay! Then all the boys left for either football or paintball. Jeri had driver’s ed…and Clarissa went to the church for “girls” day. They had all these girls activities..since all the guys were going to paintball. They didn’t get home until about 3pm. Which was a pretty long day. I went grocery shopping had a visit from another quilter…..and of course I finished some quilts.

Trina ( Jeri’s bio-mom) came to spend the day here and hep her get ready. This is Jeri’s senior year and Trina has never been able to share the “dance” experience. So I stepped away and let her have time. In the beginning when Trina came back( years ago..) I didn’t know what to expect.  I was kind of jealous and worried that I would be cast away for the fun moments. But it didn’t happen that way….and in all actuality I din’t mind at this point….her first dance was my favorite one…and I was glad that that was mine. Of course we will have prom this year as well.

I didn’t have good pictures so Trina was going to send me the pics she took today.

What is funny is that the boys spent all day with Jesse ( Jeri’s date…he’s a boy ( 20) from our church) and when he came to pick her up ..he was just as interested in hanging with her brothers as he was going to the dance…I am not sure how crazy she is about that….but honestly I think any decent guy she dates ro eventually marries will have to get along with at least one of her brothers…what are the odds (unless he’s a creep) that not one of 4 will get along? I think it’s a good thing.

I also had my first meeting with all 3 of us for my new design team. I am so excited for all the projects we have coming up…it’s so exciting and motivating. We all have great ideas..and plans. I already started on our first project. I just had to go with it while I had it in my mind…and make sure I could make it all work. The foundation is done..tomorrow will be the day for me to draw everything out and figure it out. to make sure it will turn out nice.

Today really just flew by……I leave on Wednesday ( MWX..YAY!)…so I am also trying to catch up on everything and get as many quilts done as I can…..So we shall see….I am going to take my sewing machine with me this time around..so I can work in the hotel room on piecing. Now I think that is really addicting right? Well I think it’s because I have less time for my deadlines because of Haiti … I want to make sure it’s all in place. I didn’t sleep well last night…it’s getting late….so I better get prepared.

I hope you are all having a blessed weekend.








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