Helping Some Friends

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Neon Spools

Well Emmy is a sweet gal that I trade services with…she is selling her thread..It’s all isacord thread. Barely used. She is asking 3$ a spool..and she has 300 spools. She would like to sell them as a whole lot…for 900$ which is a great deal! However..if there are no takers for the whole lot …then she will sell them in groups of 20.  She has 10 neon spools. Here are the pics: I totally wish I could take advantage of this deal as I just bought an embroidery machine a few months back…but maybe one of you can get this steal of a deal! Thought I would share that….

Also my Pastor and his wife just had a baby boy…Elias.

Victoria (my friend & Pastor’s wife) works a 9-5 job (because Pastor’s don’t make enough to live on)…and she has decided her heart is to stay home with her baby…so she is trying to get a kick start  with operating her own home business selling Pampered chef.  She will work her 9-5 until she can build up her PC business. So she is hosting a kick off show on saturday.

I would just like to ask that if you all have any pampered chef needs to please support Victoria in her new venture. you can orer directly from her …HERE  ( just Choose Victoria as your hostess..)… can also book on-line help her out if you feel so inclined. No pressure just want to put it out’s a popular product and I know any order will be appreciated.

Thanks so much!








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