Hello Wednesday!

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You know what..It’s youth group night. we had no extra kids today..I can’t belive it. I think they are all probably still catching up from their long Sunday.

But they are all at youth group as we speak..having fun.

I had to go to the next city over about 25 minuets away so Rob could get some game he pre-ordered. I can’t say that excites me..but he takes me to several quilt shops and holds all 20 bolts while I shop..so I went along for the ride. LOL I am sort of struggling with quilting..I have two quilt tops that are huge and unispiring to me..No worries they aren’t for any of you..LOL I shouldn’t say that to much right? But I am human afterall and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. So when I am uninspired..I drift away..have to take myself back..and drift away again. needless to say I didn’t get much accomplished today..so I am going to try and work at it tonight..so I can pin on the other one tomorrow.

But i will tell you what is inpsiring me tonight is this..I am a subscriber to Angela Walter’s Blog and she posted a free pattern.




This quilt is so great! I have visions popping in my head. I love modern quilts..because they are so simple…but also because they can showcase quilting so well. So I have visions of four different quilts using this pattern flaoting around in my brain. It would be a great way to showcase different quilting techniques…How come I can’t freeze time and do everything I want to do?


So while in the car..I was reading my emails on my I-phone and looking at fabric sites.  Can I just say how much I LOVE my I-phone. I have the oldest model even..LOL I am so cheap I don’t upgrade everytime a new one comes out because mine works just fine. SO I will wait until it gives out on me before I change it up.

Anyway I ordered an Ipad last weekend. I have a laptop ..and I just got a new desk top..but I just decided that I really like my phone so much I should order an Ipad..what happens??..they announce the new 4G that comes out today…Oh well. I will love mine anyway.

I have to say I was struggling diet wise today..I really wanted something different than what I have been eating…Rob wanted a calzone froma  local place..they are really good. I called asked the guy if he could make me a calzone without the bread. He said “How am I supposed to do that?” I said just heat it up in a dish…I will pay full price. Then he asked me my name   I said “Charisma” he said what’s your first name….I said “Charisma” then he said OK “what’s your real name?”  he finally just told me forget it…he couldn’t make my request. I think he was thinking I was pranking him. LOL SO many times I give a fake name( I have used the same alias since I was 12) because I always get that reaction when I give my name. Trust me people..If I am going to make up a fake name it will be something better than “Charisma” …so instead I ate teriyaki chicken and salad. Nice huh?


Oh well…There is always tomorrow.


Have a great night!


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