Hello Wednesday! Youth group night..

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well today wasn’t so bad…only one extra kid. But My kids have been working in the yard recently…They are doing such a good job..I am so excited that they are taking this job seriously. I am going to give them extra for working so hard…That makes me feel good.

I worked my tail off today trying to catch up from skipping quilting days to hang with the girls…I want to be able to sew on Sunday without feeling like I have work hanging over my head..I need to get some DJ blocks done..but lately I have some ideas swirling that need to be let out. LOL not to mention I need to work on my swap blocks for my quilting group. …so lots of things to get done. The shop keeps getting more and more quilts ..which is a really good thing as well..

So I am staying strong on No Carb Diet…..Only a few days until indulgence…I actually have to say ..I am kind of scared to eat any carbs..I am going to….but I don’t want to completely fall off the wagon by Monday. I am doing so well…

Here is a special quote from The NN….”Self Discipline is the hardest thing to learn; you need self discipline to learn it.” Isn’t that the TRUTH!

Oh well such is life..I will just hve to make myself get back on that wagon again..Pray for me.  I want to do some baking on Saturday..The church needs goodies for Sunday…and I like to bake a bunch of snacks for the kids ..I put them in the freezer and then make sure they have enough after school each day. They don’t really appreciate the home-made snacks they get…but maybe someday they will?

well I need to get back to work….burning the midnight oil..Have a great night!



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  1. Virginia March 23, 2012 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    Hey Charisma…get off your ipad! What’d you quilt today?

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