Hello Saturday….even though it’s now Sunday

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{Preston watching Rob weld}

Well Yesterday was a really productive day..I feel like.

I got alot done..I even went to my felted women class for a few minutes to see what our new stitches were….and I sewed on some of my own projects. I would post pictures of a top I actually finished from my scraps…but I cut off points on one of my starts pretty badly..that I don’t want to share it..LOL. I missed a step on the first star..(which ticked me off) and well I didn’t have anything to replace the star because it was made from a certain line of scraps..so it’s one of those things..I will look at it in a few weeks and it won’t be so horrible. {maybe}

Cole, Preston and Clarissa went over to my friend Donna’s house to help with her flower beds..she needed the help and they are willing to work for Big Macs lunch..perfect combo!

Carl & Jeri went with Trina for a visit.

So that left Bryce and Rob…..They looked like this most of the day:

Bryce fixed the fuel pump….Rob was working through everything with him…how the engine works..they have to re-wire the whole car. ..Rob taught him how to weld…because they have to put all new flooring & quarter panels on the car. Bryce stuck with him the whole time. I think it’s really good for Bryce to learn how to work on cars. It’s useable skill. So they spent pretty much the whole day working out everything..a trip to Napa…trips to computer for wiring diagrams…

The rest of the boys came back in time for some welding…they were all fascinated. They all had to try the mask..so they could look at the flames/sparks {whatever it is}…and Bryce actually got to weld. I wish I could get a picture of the concentration. But of course as soon as they realize what I am doing..I get the “Get outta here”

These are the days that warm my heart.
Just wanted to share.
I have to get ready for church now…
Sunday sermon Later.

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