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Oh it’s nice to post finally. I have not had computer access. That is enough to drive a gal crazy because I have needed distractions….and didn’t have a big one. LOL

Anyway you all have gotten the updates from Rob my “Illustrious arm candy” …Oh my goodness now you have a slight glimpse of what I put up with all day. Honestly he is very funny, cute and I thought very sweet. He made me smile. I also read it to GK {now that’s what we all call her} and she laughed as well.

Rob has been holding down the fort while I have been gone…and he also installed my new heating&cooling system in my studio. Isn’t he wonderful?

I have been blessed in so many wonderful ways during this experience…I have been scared, alone, hurt and angry. Those are the bad and weak moments. They don’t last long…..and when the good things happen it really makes me realize how loved I am …and that the experiences we have are so important…and full. You really do have to take the good with the bad. The bad just makes the good all the much better.

My grandma’s heart is working well…..it’s her lungs that are not functioning now. She was a smoker for to many years…..she quit a few years ago….but the damage has been done..so to say. So now she is reeping the rewards of that. They have tried almost everything to get them to work..but this morning they had to intubate her. So she will be sedated and with pain meds…until her lungs get what they need. I am thinking of coming home. I have two aunts here. and I have been here since Thursday.   We can take turns or something….we all need rest. My grandma actually has 6 living children…lots of grandchildren. I am the only grandchild that she has a relationship with…and the two daughters (my two aunts that are here) she has a relationship with are from out of town as Rob shared with you. Now we are facing the angry mob of family…..the three of us. It’s really a joke. They don’t make contact with her…they don’t help her….and they get mad at us? It’s really a shame. They are angry with themselves because they don’t realize how precious life is. I won’t respond…I won’t get involved.  That is their cross to carry. I have been inspired as to what I need to do and the relationships I am involved in. This experience has just reinforced why I love my own family&friends so much…and they need me more than ever. I am glad they don’t have all of these people in their lives.  Honestly. What a sad thing.  I am part of God’s family …I firmly believe he brings people in our paths for a reason….a purpose. God’s family is teh best family to be a part of.

On A happier note. My Dear friends, Michael, Cindi, Brianna & Donna…who all went to Quilt Market….they seemed to have a great time…They were very sweet and texted me all the time to tell me how horrible it was…they had sore feet…nobody was laughing….there just wasn’t any “Charisma” around them. I think it’ so sweet of them to lie to me.

They finally did tell me it was nice…and they bought me lots of presents. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. They lie to me and buy me presents. LOL But I know it is all out of love.

I have to tell you the most touching thing. I was crying cause I was homesick yesterday morning… physically exhausted…and just worn down emotionally. I wanted to be home.I was struggling. God sent me an angel from home. She surprised me with a visit for a few hours..honestly I didn’t think about anything bad for two hours..it was normal. It was nice and cozy and I just tear up thinking about that life-line God sent me. I rested easy last night. God told me I needed to come here…he told me that he would take care of me. He has. He never fails. I know this to be true in every way.

I have the best friends in the world who also choose to listen to his whispers…and tune in to what he has in store for all of us.

I am abudantly blessed.




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  1. Marilyn May 21, 2012 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    So glad that you are home with the kids and Rob andnot to mention your own bed!
    I so wish that I could have still be out there with you to take on some of the waiting period. I am so sorry that GK is not doing well. I will keep praying for all of you!
    Hugs and lots of love my dear friend.

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