Happy Potter

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My friend. Polly makes these Harry Potter quilts and sells them on ETSY. I think they are pretty popular. :)

She lets us quilt a few of them on the computer to save her the time doing it on her domestic. Especially the large ones. These are so fabulous!

I am actually not a Harry Potter fan. I don’t dislike Harry Potter…I am just not into the fantasy type of thing..so I have seen bits and pieces of movies..or watched maybe when I had to take my kids to the the theater to watch….But I never know what’s really going on or who is who. LOL. I do like Happy Potter land at universal studios and their various versions ( there are 3) of butter beer.

My oldest daughter is a HUGE HP fan….so we buy her HP stuff when we go to HP land. She is getting married next year so I asked Polly to make me one of these quilt tops to give as a wedding gift. So we have one. Rob is going to quilt in their names and wedding date ect. So I will put a big black border all the way around it so Rob can add those details and they will be visible. I am pretty excited about that. LOL We are so ahead of the game….we can gift it on time…weird for me.

here is the personalized back that Polly made for her customer:

If you are interested in one of these quilts..just contact me and I will connect you with Polly!

Thanks a bunch!


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