Happy Memorial Day

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Hi all….I have been M.I.A.


I need to choose some winners!

For the journal there were 4 entries….one of them is not listed cause she couldn’t make the comment work…..so she emailed it to me….but Random.org chose number 1…so Annette is the BIG winner! Annette I will send that along with the next RR if that is ok?

The winner of the market post of goodies is Jolinda ( I took Rob out of the drawing because well that would be like giving them back to myself..LOL…and he is just being funny anyway)! So Jolinda..please send me your address (again) please…I will get this sent out to you!

Canada must be lucky right now…both of the winners are from Canada this time…YAY! It’s because you all have been blessed with a much longer winter than the rest of us..which means more time for quilting..less for gardening…hehe.

I have been working…just in slow motion ..it feels like. I picked up my new sewing machine on Friday and I have been adjusting. It’s such a nice machine and I have never had a machine with all the bells & whistles. So trying to just learn how to sew on it…..I haven’t even looked into embroidery yet. That will come next.

I have plenty of quilts to take pictures of and show….and I have been working on some of my own projects.

I also decided to start binding all the donated quilts for the Haiti project. I really stink at binding…..machine binding is even worse. I have decided that bigger binding strips when you are machine binding is a must…so they are far from perfect…but a lesson learned. I have been dumping lots of binding work on Beth so I didn’t want to add more ..especially when I kind of need them in a hurry….cause I need to photograph them and get them listed.

So they are done….and ready to go.

I have also pieced a few of my own quilts…and I am just finishing up pieced backings and a few borders on the bargellos.

We had a good sermon yesterday. It was so suitable for what I am have been studying this week. I ran into a friend and we had one of those divine appointments. We shared alot and have a soul connection. I felt it the first time we met last year. Anyway she has left her old life (a cult) and family to follow Jesus. We don’t hear that a lot in America…and I have been reading about her old culture a bit everyday. The sermon was about discipleship and persecution.

I feel like the series of sermons that we are studying all seem like they repeat themselves…our pastor is trying to drive some lessons into us every single week….and  maybe I am complacent? I feel like I am not being convicted (mostly) and I am good in most areas ( in which he is preaching). But he is preaching on the same things just a different angle each week. So this week it was about our family, friends and how we have to love God above them. By loving God more than anyone else there will be division. Division in places you wouldn’t believe.  Even when your family turns on you …you will have God. I have been having lots of division for a long time..clearly…The family I come from is broken. So that’s what I can compare it too. I like it when I am being convicted because then I know exactly what I need to work on…LOL. I know not a lot of people like that feeling…but for me it’s a good compass..because then I truly know. when I am not feeling convicted I feel like I am being prepared…and frankly that is much worse. LOL

I always think of this in my own way because I come from such a dysfunctional family. They laugh at God…or Godly people. they don’t value God or his ways…so it’s easy for me to have division from them. But thinking about someone who grew up in what many people may consider a Godly environment. In a place where people are always working together and taking care of each other like God commands us to do…people that go to church several times a week ( even if for the wrong reasons). People that pray, that act a certain way….and people that truly believe they are going to heaven. How hard is that to sort out? The lines are so blurry. That is when you really KNOW you have Jesus in your heart. When you can discern what is right..and let the Holy spirit guide you. So this friend has been on my mind and I just pray God give her peace and comfort during this trial. I also believe he will bless her and give her her hearts desire..to have a united family once again. Just keep your head high looking up….I believe it will happen. I have such a defined line of what is wrong….I guess that’s good in a way….It’s not easy to make the hard choice when all the lines are blurry and what is wrong seems right to outsiders. It’s not everyday that someone leaves a comfortable and seemingly safe environment to go into the big “bad world” and find more peace and love in Jesus. seems backwards?

But all of that is weighing on me….because if it not for all the men and women that work day in and day out defending our country ..I wouldn’t have a choice. I wouldn’t have freedom of speech to share the Good News…I wouldn’t be able to be a female business owner,   and I certainly wouldn’t be able to live the richly blessed life that I live. So I just want to sincerely thank all of the Service People and their families for all the sacrifice.  My family is blessed because of you!

I take it for granted most days….purely because I don’t know any other way of life. I have to make myself venture out into unknown territory just so I can realize how blessed I am. I regularly stretch myself to make myself grow and learn..just so I don’t become to comfortable…and it’s not easy to do. But in my weak moments i just have to think about my life and all of my experiences……the most difficult times are the biggest lessons…and I have been through a lot, seen a lot and in those times God has been with me every step of the way…carrying me when I needed it.

So today I hope you all have a bit of reflection in your own life..thank a service person and bless someone to pay it forward.





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  1. Annette May 27, 2013 at 7:26 pm - Reply

    Awwwww!!! youpee!! Thank you so much Charisma….you made my day. I have been working on slow motion as well….ever since I got back from my trip. I needed a little boost. lol Yesterday I just left to the side all the stuff I was working on because i force myself to finish when I start a project….well I bought a book in Florida and couldn`t wait to start working on one of the quilts so….. i`m taking a break from the other stuff and just jumping in and getting one done using bali pop strips I also bought…hope it will get me back on track….anyways thank you so much girl….hugs Annette

  2. jolinda May 29, 2013 at 10:26 am - Reply

    oh thanks so much! maybe this will get me going again. I have been in slow motion as well seams like all I can do is get the house cleaned (sort of) and then I’m just dead tired I’ve been trying to spend time with my sewing machine but so far haven’t gotten much done now to get off the computer and start working.

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