Happy Birthday Clarissa….or as we call her Roo.

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Clarissa is 9 today! Hard to believe.

She didn’t want to take cupcakes to school today because EVERYONE takes cupcakes…she wanted something different. She totally gets that from her dad. Rob & Carl like to be different {probably cause they are}. When I was a kid I think I just wanted to blend….so I would have taken cupcakes cause that’s what everyone else did. But I have a summer birthday..so that was never an issue. I didn’t get to take treats to school. So Clarissa had a new birthday outfit….armed with cookies…and excitement! She is trying to ploan her birthday party. She wants another slip-n-slide party. The weather has cooled down again..I don’t know if that is a real option right now. Plus I have no idea when I will have to go back to Spokane…so we are in limbo. Clarissa doesn’t understand limbo. I kind of feel bad about that.

Clarissa has had the nickname Roo since she was a baby. Sometimes there is a variation..Rissy-Roo. Roo-Roo. or just plain Roo.

I wish my mind wasn’t full of everything that is happening around me. I am stressed about my grandma. I am stressed about when my grandma comes home. I am the closest one…so the responsibility falls on me. How can I manage everything? I can’t. I need God to step in here. Please pray for me. He will give me the strength and protect my family. I am hoping he just gives my grandma a new life…and she will be healthy enough to manage…..so she will only need our help for a short while.  The thought of long term scares me. I will just have to cross that bridge when it comes.

But I can’t worry right? I mean it’s useless. I need to enjoy this moment and live life. So it’s back to work time. I need to bake a cake….prepare dinner and enjoy this time with my family.







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