Happy 4Th of July!

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I just want to say THANK YOU to all the service men and women who serve our country! My family appreciate you!

I hope you are all out having picnics and enjoying family. I am working….Unfortunately, I have gotten behind again and just think I should work. My kids are also at church camp….( for the day) and  Rob had to work at the last minute.

Our crops are all weird this year because we had so much rain and it has finally gotten hot and sunny. Rob never gets Independence Day off…but they actually thought they may this year because the harvest has been yucky with lots of rotten roots….so they  had a short season. But they ended up having to start back up again for processing because they got a load. Corn looks like it may stay on track because it’s been so stinkin hot that it is catching up. So they may start processing that in a few weeks. Thank God!

No matter what I am thankful for our Country! We are so truly blessed and since I have been to a few other very poor countries that don’t care about their people….I am even more thankful. Especially being a woman I realize it even more. Here I have a voice and rights. I don’t have to rely on a man to support me. I happen to have a very good one……but it’s not out of necessity but choice. That makes it so much better for me.

I thought I would share this pattern by Bonnie Hunter….4thfull1 It’s called “Fourth Of July” You can find it here for free.  Just in case you needed a fun easy pattern to complete for the day or to honor a service person with a  QOV. It’s perfect!

I hope you all have a thankful heart as we live in the best country!






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