Happy 16th Anniversary to Us.

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Rob and I have been married for 16 years as of today. In my family that is a HUGE accomplishment!  It’s a huge accomplishment for Rob and I as well. From all the statistics we shouldn’t have lasted this long. We shouldn’t have lasted this long with our own actions either.

I remember after a few years of marriage— I was in church week and after week praying to God asking him to help my marriage. In all ways. Through hard work, commitment and prayer we are still married. Both parties have to be willing to change, heal, grow and accept our own faults and each other’s.

We got married on a holiday so Rob would remember. He is a typical guy who forgets these types of things. The irony is that I honestly really don’t care about those things. Holidays and important dates are not as important to me as the everyday life things. We don’t typically celebrate. He would go the whole 9 yards if I wanted or needed that. But I honestly hate being on the roads that night because of all the drunkards. I don’t need that kind of fuss or to spend the money!! ( you can tell who keeps track of the finances!) But if he wants to go to dinner or something we will typically go. I feel better if my everyday needs are met. If I feel secure in my home. Things are getting worked on ect. Those everyday life things are FAR more important to me. I think we are both still learning new things about each other all of the time.

I always feared when the kids left home because I thought maybe they were the only thing we had in common. Don’t get me wrong….we are opposites in a lot of areas, Except the important ones. We agree politically ( most of the time), religiously ( most of the time), and we love animals, the woods, hiking and a few other things. We have enough good stuff to keep us going basically. We both pretty much want the same things in our next phase of life. We want to live in the woods…we want to be in a beautiful woodsy area so we can hike, kayak, swim , boat and maybe hunt ect. We want to be able to breathe the fresh country air and be in a beautiful place we both feel is “home.” I have never felt like Ephrata is my final place.

So I am excited to see what the next few years will bring to us. I pray we are open to embrace what comes our way. I hope that we can accomplish some of our goals. I pray that we become stronger together. I hope that we learn to communicate better …this will always be an issue for us. LOL! Mostly, I hope we stay united and transition well into the next phase. I am sure most of the craziness will be because of me. So He just needs to stand firm and keep me grounded. I was the strong one in the beginning. He has had to rise up as the kids got older. I could handle the small issues. I am struggling with the big adult issues. He seems to handle that better than I do…even if it breaks both of our hearts.

Another year, another new adventure to test and refine our marriage. We can grow and embrace one another. I am glad ( most days) that I get to share this life with Rob. He is a good man, with a good heart. He will do anything to protect me and his family.

I hope he knows how much he is valued. I love you always & forever Rob.



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  1. Patricia Arbuckel January 1, 2019 at 6:21 am

    Happy Anniversary to you both.
    Loving each other is a must, but
    you don’t have to like each other every day
    I know I don’t like my hubby some days but by
    bed time I still love him with all my heart
    Many more years of love and Gods blessing on you two
    love Patty xxx

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