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Well I have been a bit behind…I know same ole story. But in my defense i have had several divine appointments….and those are way better than work….right?

I also went with Rob to the surgeon. Answer to prayer….he does have to have surgery but it is a small surgery with a quick recovery. Not a rotator cuff after all…they just have to shave his bones and it will get better. YAHOO! He will have that surgery next week. It is during conference week at school..so I asked our Pastor to step in again and attend the conferences we would miss. LOL He had to do this in November as well…so he will be familiar with the routine. These teachers are going to think we don’t have an interest in our children..we didn’t go to either conference all year.

Can I just say how happy I am that he won’t be home for 8 weeks distracting me? instead it’s 2. 2 is great.

Also I have a cold. So does Jeri again. I totally blame Jeri for giving this to me…all those times I asked her to cover her mouth when she coughed…and she doesn’t. UGH!

Today would be 2 weeks of Clarissa having the dishes…but she didn’t keep up her good streak. She has actually been really pushing my buttons and gaining quite the mouth.  She has always been the “princess” but I think I am going to have to take her crown away soon and start teaching her some respect. I think lots of people around us have noticed a change in her.  She’s coming upon that age of hormones…and well I am not looking forward to that.

Tonight is youth group night and I have been asked to bring snacks. Chex mix…here we come! LOL

Well that’s about all folks!





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