Halloween Scraps

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IMG_4174I finished another UFO…YAY! That list is getting smaller…I am determined to make it smaller anyway!

I saved all of these Halloween scraps from other projects I had made…Trick or Treat bags, another quilt ect. I am so bad about certain things…because I had yards and yards of Halloween fabric..that I was collecting as I went about shopping…for another quilt I made a long time go..It couldn’t have possibly needed that much yardage..but I just  don’t like limiting myself when I cut into a fresh project…and I think so much time had passed from when I decided to make it that I would pick up a yard here or there as I went out shopping. IMG_4173

So after I gathered those fabrics and finished the last quilt I kept the rest of the scraps and fabrics in a separate basket that has been sitting on my cutting counter for 4 years. Yes 4 years..dusty…4 years. I knew I would just improv piece them as most of them were strips. I had a panel as well.  I made a few Ohio stars to add some interest and just started sewing. There is no way to plan improv..you just dive in and start sewing away……It’s so random…and yet I love it because I don’t have to think about anything..I can just get lost in the sewing and making it all come together.   The quilt measures 78×98. I also pieced the back from all the extra Halloween yardage. Mostly big cuts of Glow in the Dark Fabric ( GITD). All the white pieces are GITD…and there are a few cuts of the Halloween prints that have elements that glow.   That is our favorite part of Halloween quilts.  So now that basket has been reduced to this:IMG_4176

YAY! Another one marked off. Also my personal “to be quilted bin” is officially full…thank goodness I have another empty one next to it. :)IMG_4172

While writing this post I got an email from a scrappy trader stating that she has finished a quilt already..she just got her box a couple weeks ago. It feels so good to know that as I am working down my stash…so are others. LOL

Have a good day everyone!

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