Haiti Continuation

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Monday the 12th

We decided we couldn’t go to the next work site…because there were to many rivers on the south side of the island that were flooded. Even if we could get across going..we didn’t know if we could coming back.

We decided to go to the orphanage in PAP. You all know how that went already. we all held babies…then after hearing the testimony of the owners….and what not we went and played with the toddlers. It was a fantastic experience and one of the highlights on my trip. I didn’t bring home a baby….and the one I fell in love with is part of a group of 4 siblings that they don’t want to separate. I am ok with that because if my children were in that situation I would want that for them as well.  But it has sparked some action on my part as far as where our family is being led. So Rob and I are taking some more steps to see what God is telling us about our future…and if we are to try a bit harder to conceive. I am a crazy women who always needs to nurture…so I have to sort between those baby “feelings” or see if they will pass. I could quite possibly be a grandmother in 10 years…..and that may be worth waiting for.

Then after our visit to the O, we went to a food court. It was OK. I actually preferred eating at the compound. Elise was a fabulous cook …and I just felt more comfortable there.

After a little rest a few of us went to the compassionate ministries and sorted food. “Kids Against Hunger”   is an American Agency that feeds all countries. They had shipped a huge amount of prepackaged boxes of food on a cargo ship. But that takes awhile…and some of the food packages get infected with bugs or attacked by mice in the process of arriving…so we had to open all the boxes and sort out bad ones..they were going to deliver all the good food to the hurricane victims as part of the relief effort.

After that we all showered and got ready for a nice dinner at the “Sugar Cane Plantation” This was the fanciest eating establishment in Haiti.  It really was a beautiful place. A place you would see here in America.The food wasn’t really all that good….and there were rats around as well. We ate outside…and basked in the beautiful surroundings..they went as far as the restaurant. LOL

But several of us gals got together to talk and share…that was my favorite part of dinner.

Tuesday 13th.

I stayed at the compound. The rest of my team went to the “Apparent Project” This is a great business. They are an honest organization that helps Haitian families by creating business. They pay them well for Haiti based business. It’s a way to help Haiti if you feel the call to do that. Several of my team mates spent a small fortune there. The factory was well organized, clean and they really thought highlight of the organization.I do have some of the jewelry myself. It’s beautiful.

They also went to the Baptiste mission for shopping on this day. They also wanted to attend the museum and visit the sandal factory. But the Leader got a call stating that a college student had been shot and killed. So the college students had decided to get guns and start randomly shooting in town. They had to go back to the compound and to safety.

Wednesday the 14th. My team went to a private beach. They had to pay 25$ to get in and the pictures are AMAZINGLY beautiful. I just couldn’t. I coudln’t pay 25$ to swim on a beach when I knew that it was probably not a good place to be..a good owner or to know all the suffering behind it. I would rather give my money to honest people trying to make a living doing hard work. I also couldn’t stomach going out into the city to see all the poverty, having to be on high alert every where I went…for no good reason. If we were doings God’s work I would go out because that is what I am called to do. But to just sun bathe or swim..no thanks.   I needed rest and Time with God. So that’s what I did. I knew once I got home that I would be running crazy again and I wouldn’t have time to rest. I was right.

Thursday was our day to fly home.

I touched on the poverty, sex trafficking and child slavery a bit in my original post. I don’t want to really dwell on it all…but honestly you can’t be in the city and not see all elements of this. My soft self couldn’t stomach anymore. We don’t see how blessed we are because we take it for granted.

We were ready…got to PAP Airport. Went through 3 security checks…plus they had dogs there. American officers with trained K-9’s. They were training Haitian officers how to use the dogs..it wasn’t going so well. Beautiful dogs. I hope they value them.


The airport was crazy. Our plane left 30 minutes late. Which meant we only have 60 minutes to get through customs, immigration, TSA and baggage claim to them make our connecting flight. Yeah CRAZY!! By the Grace of God…I was able to cut through the line and make my flight…my whole team wasn’t that blessed. I felt bad for them.   But I was thankful I made it.

I made it home and took a long hot shower…and enjoyed my bed with several pillows…and comfort.

The trip was spiritually changing. I want to say life changing…but most of everything for me was internally…which in the end is life changing but superficially right now it doesn’t look like it was. I have been working towards a goal in my life that I didn’t know was even a goal…it was revealed on this trip. It has come to my mind several times and I pushed it away. But now the time has come for me to address it and walk through the door God has opened for me. I had a meeting with my pastor this last Sunday. I am going into ministry. I have no idea where this will lead….but the Nazarene Church  recognizes women clergy.  I am going to go through the classes and put in the work to be ordained. God will lead me. I had decided a few months ago that I would start a bible study for women in my church…so Monday nights is the night. I bought my program and I am excited for this new venture. My heart is growing just thinking about it. :)




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  1. Deb November 21, 2012 at 11:13 pm - Reply

    I know you will do great in your new ministry. I will keep you in my prayers,

    I checked out the orfanage you went to. I love their website. I especially love their work with the teen girls, I emailed them and they (a volunteer) called me, we talked for a long time. After much prayer I have decide to sponsor one of the girls from ER. Her name is Dieula (pronounced Jayla). They are going to send me more info about her.

  2. lindy November 22, 2012 at 9:11 am - Reply

    isent it amaising when God directs us? I was realy encouraged reading this post my husband and I have felt called to ministery as well so its nice to hear somoenelses story to. I have been strugling with the idea of women in ministery and if that is Biblical since I was raised that only men can be in the ministery. But when i read the new testement there are examples or women like Lidia and Pricilla so i think that my raising was wrong. Gods bless you in this.

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