Haiti Again…travel plans have changed.

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Got a sad message this morning from our team leader.

I think he is pretty upset.

He paid a deposit to reserve our flight arrangements at a great price…..a long time ago….like almost a year ago I think. AT the last minute we have been bumped. The air lines bumped us to an earlier flight home..like a few days earlier. We feel that doesn’t give us enough time…and some of the group doesn’t want to stay a few days longer than our original plans.

I am one of those people that just goes with the flow…right? If I have to stay a few days longer I will stay…..Although my flesh is scared at this point ..I want to do all th work I am supposed to do once I get there and adjust…so leaving early I will probably feel cheated once I am there. SO I have no opinion…I know it will all work out the way it is supposed to.

The airlines is willing to refund our full deposit to fly with another airline…..at 50% higher rate. We are going with that option I guess. So it’s going to cost us all more…oh well. My only concern is that we have a group of 20 and getting all of our bags through in a 95 minute layover is going to be rough. We did this on our last mission…but there were several delayed flights ect.

Can I ask you all to start praying for our trip..traveling mercies and that we get there and home without major issues? There are so many prayers…travel, God’s work and for all of us to be a light. There is so much to think about and until I get there I won’t know….but apprently in some of the major villages that we will be going through there is wi-fi. I have an I-phone…so I will be making updates …I will do it on FB. Blogging is hard from my phone….so you can all track my notes on FB. I will do my best to keep you updated as long as it’s charged.

Thanks so much for all of your unending support!



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