Good Old Fashioned Fun

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Do you know what that involved?

Christmas Caroling. YES!

Does that take you out of your comfort zone? Let’s see….I can’t sing, carry a tune and don’t like to be heard…so with no music to drown out my voice..yes I did that. It was cold, rainy and wet! Our song books were a mess half way through…but we did it!

Our church had a chili feed and then we went out armed with out song books to bless the neighborhood. None of us were looking forward to it ( well nobody in my family) but we did it. I have to say I actually had fun. We decided to sing to one of my neighbors ( we live really close to the church) and halfway through Silent night …my eyes got misty…when we finished she told our group that she was home alone thinking about her son that she lost 3 years ago. Then we knocked on her door…she cried. She thought God had blessed her. Indeed. That was worth it. I felt it before she said it…I knew.  I love it when that happens..deep within my soul even if she hadn’t said anything I would have known that she needed that blessing through us.

Yesterday was a series of events though..honestly. At one point I couldn’t think clearly because it was all so overwhelming..all we have to get done and places we need to be. I am sure I will forget something. I still need to find one more gift. Stressful. But I found a really great gift for my MIL. I had been struggling for weeks as to what I should get her. I walked in to a gift and antique store..saw it right away and knew it was for her. I texted Rob a picture and he said “yep!” that’s it. Modern technology..gotta love it!

I also finished the 5 quilts. Last year I gifted 7 quilts to Penny and her family. She is a single mom with 6 kids. I loved that. This year I am gifting 5 quilts to Lane and his 4 kids. A single dad. Just a little blessing. We are close to posts are filled with talk about them…as all of his kids are my kids besties. It only makes sense….and I just finished the binding on two of them this morning..after I had Bryce and Cole attach labels..they look ummmmmma little shabby (the labels) but that is perfectly’s all in love. I had to get them wrapped before I could take pictures of them…which is kind of sad…because 5 quilts is a big chunk of work…..but that’s ok. It’s not about that anyway. I had some help with a few of them…from Charlotte, Tisha and Donna. Scrappy and quilt trades..Donna gave me a great top that was only 48 inches square…and I built it up to a twin size…I think it’s one of my favs. I also used a moda bake shop recipe for the last one I needed to was fabulous! and fast.

Now we are loading the car ( well my family is) and we are heading to family. We are going to celebrate Jesus birth. I will be glad to just relax and think about the blessing God gave us this season. He loves us more than we can imagine!

I hope you all feel that as well.





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  1. Suzette December 24, 2012 at 8:40 am - Reply

    I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas! You are a blessing to me all year round as I follow your blog. Your work is beyond amazing and it’s always a joy and one of the highlights of my day to come and see your beautiful quilting. Merry Christmas Charisma!

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