Good Friday

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Well today is Good Friday.

I had breakfastw ith my quilty friend ( as I do every Friday). Then lunch with a dear friend….I quilted….I went and bought a piece of sound board that will be turned into my new design board…..YAY! Also had a dear friend come over for a visit today so we could catch up…I just love her…no matter how much we meet we always have lots to talk about and I miss when I don’t see her…but we are both in the thick of parenting..and life gets busy. You know how it is? Tomorrow is our Easter celebration. We usually have about 30 kids here ( sometimes 40) and all their parents…we Have dinner, read the story of Jesus and end with a flashlight egg hunt…it’s  ablas every year. I decided only to invite a few families this year so we can have less chaos and have a more intimate setting. I think as we all get older …well it will just be better least for this year. I am tired and I would like to enjoy it more..I only have a few years left..before you know it my 6 kids will all have kids and we will be back to having 40 kids here every year..LOL . So I may as well take the break while I can. I love the choas most of the time…but I just feel the need for less lately. That’s perfectly OK, right?

The great thing about our flashlight egg hunt is that we number the eggs. Each kid gets 10 eggs they can only pick up the eggs with their number on them….and you would think it woudl be easy..but it’s actaully pretty hard to find them…we of course also have golden eggs for special prizes.  We started this tradition when we first moved to Ephrata because we didn’t have any family here..and traveling to see our family takes so much time..our holiday was spent before we could enjoy it…so Saturday night was a perfect time to invite our local friends..and it stuck. So Easter Sunday is always a good day for us..Church and then home to rest and enjoy the special day. Although the last couple of years we have gone to a friends house for a bit on Easter as well.

Tonight I decided to rest and enjoy my family ..we bought the Muppet movie. We love that movie. We watched in in the theatre on Thanksgiving day ( our other tradition)..then we bought the sound track..we have been listening to it for the last 5 months until the movie came out…So tonight while watching the movie we could all sing the songs..LOL  My favorite song? “Am I man…or am a muppet?” I would have just belted that out for all of you..but you can’t hear moving on. Cindi ( my dear friend and LQS owner) usually has us over for Easter …but she is battling breast cancer currently..and she can’t be around to many germs…she can’t fight them off..that means no school aged children. So her kids brought over a HUGE gift basket for us to enjoy…the kids had plenty of candy to eat during our movie…They are all sad that we can’t go there and enjoy Easter…but they are all going to write her a special thank her and tell her we pray for her.

It is amazing to me the timing of God…I recognize it all the time..but this week so many things have popped up. Donna from Texas sent me a quilt and so many God things have transpired around it,….and what is great is that she has also recognized them….I will share more about thsi special quilt on Monday..I don’t believe in coincidences…but divine appointments. Donna and I are sharing a special one of those. Why? Because I make most decisions in my life based on heart….and it always seems to work out for me…Donna says some people see with their eyes..and others see with the heart. I am so glad I am part of the latter….not that I don’t appreciate others..I just like the way I am. I don’t think I could have said that just a few short years ago..I think, I would have analyzed why I couldn’t see with my eyes..LOL Now I can just appreciate and accept the way I am..isn’t that a great place to be? Does this happen with age? Now I have to analyze why it is happening right? See how crazy I am..I just need to leave it be..and just know that I found truth…and be happy with that.

Well I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend..and please remember what this weekend is about..right now 2000 years ago…Jesus gave us the best gift. we are free..and we have ever lasting love…..and worth. Many Blessings!




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