Good Fortune Spirals

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Tisha pieced this quilt and sent this quilt top Bryce for his first commission quilt! YAHOO!  I think she chose the perfect design for this quilt…it’s so fresh and clean..the sprials compliment it perfectly.

I have to say we had every issue under the sun to get this quilt completed…He messed up the template position, he had to get out the stitch ripper so many times….he also dropped the quilt to low when he loaded it…so I had to sew some from the sides to the bottom…thankfully it wasn’t much. But he learned several lessons.  Honestly…I think it’s because he was only half listening while I was training him.  SO I let him suffer for long periods of time when ripping out stitches….not that I wanted that to happen on a customer quilt..he had already made the mistake. I just wasn’t going to jump to his rescue after he messed up. So he had to give Tisha a discount.  It’s all a learning experience. I think next time he will listen or take notes when I talk to him.

But You all know How I named my Machines : Venus and Serena…right?

Well when Bryce quilts he changes their names…Venus turns into Lebron and Serena turns into Michael. I am now on instagram and I posted these the other night while he was quilting. Here & Here. Oh what a funny kid!

While Bryce was ripping out stitches…..he was grumpy. Then Rob asked “Princess” Clarissa to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. I confess, I don’t ever ask Clarissa to do this chore. I think she is a bit young but I know she can handle it. She actually did a beautiful job…better than her brothers..honestly. However, she was ticked off! She was slamming things, sighing very loudly and complaining.  I told her all of that wasn’t going to make anyone relive her so she had better stop. Then I text Rob to let him know that he was no longer her favorite parent. She loves her daddy and I am always second rate to him….not two nights ago. lol Rob said “Well you make her mad so many times a day…it won’t take long for me to get my position back”…nice. So true. She is over it now..I should remind her about how horrible her father is ..that he made her do dishes? Shouldn’t I?





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