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For those of you who think the quilting life is glamorous….sometimes it’s not. LOL Well it actually never is…..

But I have been struggling all week. I have had to rip lots out…I have been fighting with a cone of thread. I am not sure if it’s the cone of thread or the type. Sometimes every now and again you just get a bad cone.  I have used lots of threads and I use alot of the same brands over and over…every once in awhile I know that I have gotten a bad cone and use it for piecing.  I fairly regularly get a bad bobbins. I know right away and I just take them out and replace them.  But honestly when I have to rip out stitching on a quilt I really want to cuss, scream and rip out my own hair instead. Honestly. It’s such a hassle and I hate it.

But enough complaining..the great part of my job allows me to be home. It has been spring break all week…meaning my kids have been home. That also is not glamorous. I have been fighting with one teen all week…and then his brother decided to jump on that band wagon. So while Rob gets to go to work and provide for our family …I get to weather the storm of teen hormones and anger. I hate that. I used to be the parent who would take her kids out to parks, the lake and fun outings on spring break…day trips..of packing lunches and having fun. Now it’s all I can do to muster a day of having them at home…and putting up with their nasty attitudes and mouths. Isn’t that nice? I often feel guilty for Clarissa because she is the young one and  didn’t get all the special things & times the older ones got…cause I am so worn out dealing with the older ones. I think all parents feel that way…maybe that’s why the babies are always favored? I have no idea. I wouldn’t even say I favor her…just because her and I battle quite frequently. But yesterday I went grocery shopping. So her and I made a few appetizers for dinner and had some special time. Thank you Pinterest. We found some great recipes.

Rob is working lots today again. His “job” in the house is to clean our room. That and he drives the boys every other week. SO he is cleaning our room. he has been working on Jeri’s car….and he also went and got some wood palettes for me. Thanks again to pinterest I found I great way to grow an herb garden using them. I am excited! So he has to work on them tomorrow. Clarissa and I are also going to start a garden this year. So I am hoping to work on that next week.We can’t do much about our back yard because the dogs destroy everything…so I am moving everything to the front and I will work on that again this year. It’s been a few years since I concentrated on anything yard like. I started this business of quilting and everything went to the wayside. I find that things seem to be evening out for me…and I can start spending time doing other things. It’s a great feeling.

If I get the yard in order before June…then……when my daughter graduates and leaves home I can focus on re-aranging my studio and scrap room/office. So It’s a goal.

Well tonight is game night at church..turkey soup is cooking and smells so yummy!

Have a great night!






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