Girls Weekend ( AKA Charisma’s Sweatshop)

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Well this weekend Carla and Courtney came and we talked ( for hours) and we bonded. Honestly, that is my favorite part of girls weekends.

Friday night we did meal delivery, wal-mart trip and then had game night at church. There wasn’t a huge turn out but we still laughed a lot and had a great time. My team was accused of cheating…only cause we are so AWESOME! Its’ hard to deny ( our AWESOMENESS) when we always win! LOL!

Saturday we had a late morning, I made a big breakfast and then we went shopping. LQS and Wal-mart …I had to do some much dreaded grocery shopping. There was no more putting it off. Then we came home to craft. In the olden days ( years ago before Charisma’s corner) I was really the only one who sewed in my circle of friends. I have had the same friends since high school and us gals have stuck together through thick and thin ( in my case thicker and thicker…just saying)….When our kids were younger we would get together and travel from house to house once a month for Girls weekends. We would take turns hosting and kick our families out for the weekend so we could have our friends over for a a weekend of crafting, usually scrapbooking.  We all had small children and we were armed with cameras. Capturing every moment. LOL So it was a natural thing to scrap them all. Plus we didn’t have to spend a lot of money for those weekends and we could all use each other’s tools. it was a nice plan.  That all changed when I started school. I just couldn’t take one weekend a month to do anything. I was tapped out. Anyway..I was also the only one of my friends who quilted or sewed..( Courtney dabbled) so I would sometimes take my sewing machine and work on bags or projects. One of our weekends I was making myself a bag to take on our trip to Vegas..well that weekend I made like 8 bags because after they saw my Amy Butler Birdie sling they all thought they needed one….so we made a trip to the fabric shop and they all chose their own fabrics and I was sewing away! ALL WEEKEND! They dubbed it Charisma’s SweatShop.

So we had a small episode of that this time however..they are all pitching in and learning to sew. Carla took the leap and made some burp cloths for her darling Grand baby. Courtney and I made her a tablerunner from start to finish…I set Courtney up with several “kits” so she can work on some projects for the both of us.  She has thought about trying to be a part of my scrappy trade a few times..but honestly..I would quilt hers for free anyway ( we have been friends for over 20 years..why would I charge her?) and I would much prefer to trade services with her. So she is making me a quilt-aghan…and we are working on an applique project together…she does all the applique..I do all the small piecing for both of our quilts. I will have to pressure her..LOL She is the “Queen of UFO’s.” We had a great time talking and not sleeping all weekend.

They also brought me some applique projects that I can’t wait to show you all. I will photograph them and post them…beautiful!

The weekend ended with a long day at church….beautiful service with a  guest speaker and a potluck with my church family. Lots of laughs and bonding.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Monday. I love everything MLKjr. Stands for ..his non-violent resistance and his great work! May it continue on.

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