Funky Chickens Quilt…And The Rights of Chickens! (or lack of)

See teh Chicken sitting on the Rooster? Yeah I don't think it's a coincidence that her rear is facing his head( I made that block!)

Shopping Diva

Well a couple years ago? ( I think..yes….it was) I was part of a “Funky Chicken” block swap on the QB. So these blocks were sent from all over the country….by many people. I made 4 of them.

Fresh always..A poor Chickens life!

I have to make my disclaimer here….sorry this could get a bit crazy and graphic for Charisma..LOL

But I dislike Chickens..well not so much Chickens..more like Roosters. See I grew up in Anchorage, AK. I had never been on a farm ..the closest I ever got to a farm was the fair…where I rode the ponies. If I had associated the fact that meat came from animals at a young age..I probably wouldn’t have eaten it…and when I did make that realization ..I had to push it out of my mind…in fact I still do.   Meat comes from the grocery store ..YEs I know..let me live in denial people. At this point and they way they infect everything with growth hormones..we are getting to the point of manufactured non living meat anyway. ( that’s a discussion for another day..very unhealthy)

So I move to WA and there is farm land everywhere..( not to say that are not farms in AK…I just think WA has LOTS of farm land) and here there is no getting away from farms..unless you live on the west side of the state…I happen to live in in the central part which is FARM country. We produce many things and some of the world’s largest crops of several  different items.

Anyway….I would go visit my Bio Grandma from my Bio-Dad’

s side. I had never met them until I was 13 or so. ( Many of you know of my past) Anyway she had this rooster and chicken, that just roamed the yard freely. My Grandma was an AVID animal LOVER.  She couldn’t live without them..she took them with her everywhere..She lived out of her motor home most of the time ( she traveled all over the USA) and her animals were her campanions. She always gave them sweet names like “Sugar Pie’ and “Honey Bear”…really her animals were very well taken care of and well behaved. But that DARN Rooster. I HATED him! He was so dang mean and he would always charge me..I was a freshman in a high school..I would race to the front door and pray it was open so I could beat that damn thing to the door and reach safety! ( I hardly ever swear..that’s how much I disliked him) Well one time the door was locked and I forgot my key to the house…It was a stand off between me and the rooster..he sensed my fear everyday, I am pretty sure..LOL and he had trapped me on the porch…the only sensible thing I could think of?? Grab my carmex and throw it at him. LOL Do you remember those little glass containers of carmex with the yellow metal lid..yeah I threw it at him and missed. That was my only ammunition…and I missed. DANG!

SO I had to run. No visit with grandma that day.

LOL. The little chicken just sat there watching. You know why? She was thankful he was after me and not her for once in her day!

Because what is a chicken? ( this is where it gets graphic…well Charisma Graphic) A chicken is simply a sex tool. Those chickens are to just be there day in and day out to produce “off spring” (eggs) for those damn roosters ( I mean rapists). The rooster just struts around all day taking the helpless chicken any time he wants ..and he will hunt her down to get her if she runs… That POOR chicken was the only one there at his relief for her! I have studied Womens rights and the womens movement to long, am I right? I want to start picketing for those chickens and castrate the roosters that just want to do what they want to all the poor chickens…without a care of what the chicken wants.  When does the chicken get a real vote as to what happens in her day…..not her whole life..just her day? Maybe she wants to strut around and not lay eggs?? HUH? Nobody has asked her..have they? As people/chickens/WOMEN we just want choice…?? There will always be the ( hopelessly forever victim) chickens that will just sit around and accept their fate…so why not let them choose?  I know I spend to much time by myself…..thinking these things.

When ever I eat fried chicken now..I think I am helping the chickens cause because I always picture it being a rooster..again let me live in denial if it is a chicken.


So back to the quilt….which was called “Funky Chicken” Yes there are a few I mean roosters….but they were so funny and cute…in their own way. ( who could ever think a rapist is cute unless it is in a funk rosster form?) I wanted to swap..because my DMIL actually has tons of different types of birds, geese, chickens, Turkeys and what not on her property. She is also an AVID animal lover…and I call her the dog whisperer. She has a real gift with animals..she trained our dog and I am so thankful because he is really a great dog.  So I have pretty much over run my family with quilts..they all have them…my DMIL has a couple from me already but this is just FUN…and she will love it! Can you see of these gals struttin around the coop? Yes…I can too! There is the free lovin “Peace”Chicken…there is also the Shopping Diva Chicken….and there is the *Chicken stomping in the rooster’s back Proclaiming Victory!*

Chicken Casserole

( that’s how I see it anyway!)

I do have to make a disclaimer…I wanted to have fun quilting this and I lost steam at midnight last night…I feel guilty if I work on my own stuff before I work on other’s quilts..and I just don’t work on other people’s quilts that late at night because I know I am not that sharp…I debated not showing this because I think I could have done a better job ..but in the end..the over all look is fun and funky which is perfectly great..and I really want to document it. This is my DMIL’s Christmas gift..I am late..hehe. But it’s better late than never right? She will love it even if she got it late….and it’s not up to par.

Thanks for looking! Thanks for letting me get on my “Soap Box” about the helpless ..chickens. Vote for CHOICE!





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  1. Jane February 7, 2012 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    Oh my I am LMAO at your roo story. I swear like a sailor but I will properly censor this post. I have chickens and my theory is the only way to keep a roo in line is to have him outnumbered 10 to 1!. I have always said the roos aren’t good for anything except eating sh##ing and well you call it rape, I call it something else LOL. However when outnumbered 10 to 1 with some rather domineering old hens they learn manners. My roo has to woo my girls. He will do a little dance around them showing off his pretty feathers and dropping one wing to the ground to try and get their permission. If he finds a particularly tasty treat in the yard he clucks them over to have the treat and he won’t eat it himself. Sometimes the girls give it up sometimes they don’t.

    That is not to say I haven’t had vile foul tempered roos like the one you describe but not all are bad.

  2. Jane February 7, 2012 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    PS I think the quilt is great!

  3. Charisma Horton February 7, 2012 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    OH SURE!! A rooster OWNER! I will forgive you becuse he is obviously trained…it only takes one person to change the world. No Picket signs at your coop..LOL

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