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Well today was a good day..a bit busy, hectic and flared tempers…but we got through it.

I had breakfast with my quilting friends..and then Sabrina came over to quilt. She used my smaller machine while I used my bigger one…I actually use my smaller machine now for my own personal quilts ..

.and as long as I can fit the quilts on there I will probably use it for all the quilts that need really detailed quilting. The frame is only a ten foot frame. I would have never known the difference between the machines…unless they were side by side ..the fact that I go between both of them frequently …I can tell a huge difference in the detail quilting. It weighs less because it’s smaller, and it is so much more sensitive to the touch. So I like doing all my details and ruler work on my 18 it’s a smaller work area and i am kind of it’s nice to get to all of it easily.

But getting back to Sabrina..she is a PERFECTIONIST. She makes the CUTEST things and she frets over everything. She thinks she is a horrible quilter but she does great.  But guess what she did for me? I let her use my machine without paying me or anything cause she is my friend.. she makes things for me..and she is my shopping partner….she made us a HUGE dinner..taco soup with all the trimmings..and frosted brownies.  Isn’t that the way to a waorking mom’s heart? I mean dinner made….no hassle no fuss no muss. I have to say I was so good with my calories today until we cut the brownies…I just had to have one it was YUMMY and Delicious…scrumdiliocious!

So that blows me out of the water I am sure..but how many times to we get homemade brownies made for us? Not very often.

So she was able to complete two quilts today..I am almost done with my third. I quilted one for Charlotte, one for myself and one for Teresa. They were all ..all over type designs. I will post pictures of mine and T’s tomorrow. I used the Baptist Fan template from Circle Lord….I have been waiting to use that on one of my own quilts cause I really like it.  I think I found the perfect one. PLus I am going to see Beth tomorrow and I need to give her some quilts to bind..LOL. As if she hasn’t had enough from me recently.

Tomorrow is the “Dear Jane” kick off party at the shop…I am so excited to meet all of my people who are going to follow me through this year long journey! Fun!

Well other than that..Rob was kind of crankty today…but he did get my new photo station set up for me….******Virgina will be so proud of me*****..making progress on that front. I am hoping to get my new camera in the next couple of weeks. I priced out what it will cost me….it hurts….but it’s a business expense right?

I NEED it!

Cole was a representative for hot shots tonight. He won in his division last year so they wanted him to go and promote the event tonight at the high school basketball game. He stayed home this weekend instead of going to his Dad’s house. What a nice boy.

The Guenther kids are staying the night here…YAY! We love the G’s. Well I need to go finish up a quilt so I can meet my goals for the day….Have a fabulous night!


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