Friday…the 13th…EEK!

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Well it was Friday the 13th but nothing out of the ordinary happened…so I guess that’s good? I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway..cause I am not supersticious. I only realized it was Friday the 13th cause Rob told me{halfway through the day}….lol.

I went to breakfast with quilty friends..we were thinking about planning a trip for aour little group. Not anytime soon. But exploring our options. New York fabric district, LA fabric district, fabulous quilt shows..ect. Wouldn’t that be fun? (Well maybe for those of us who live in the middle of the pacific northwest & we have to drive an hour to our nearest mall…not even a good mall!}..maybe not so much for the people who live near all those places already. hehe.

Jeri had her 17th birthday on the 5th but we haven’t had her party yet….cause we had Easter weekend {and she doesn’t like having her party on Spring break…cause nobody shows up) Preston’s birthday is on the 25th. But because of our rotation with Dad visitation…we had his birthday party last night. UGH! He had only 5 friends here..they went thru a case of soda before dinner? I ordered 6 pizzas and several breadsticks….they ate it all..along with all the snacks. Can we say GROWING boys? WOW! I don’t think we have ever run out of food before? We had juice and other things to eat..but I was amazed they ate it all. I was up trying to keep an eye on them while working..I was begging them to go to bed at 1:30, 2 and finally crashed myself. I woke up at 6:45 they were awake ( maybe they hadn’t gone to bed}  I couldn’t get out of bed….so I made myself go back to sleep for a few hours.

It’s kind of funny because we have a split level house…but my studio {converted garage} is just off our entry way by the front door…so I can hear everything that goes on upstairs or downstairs…there were several times when I would pop my head out to see what was going on and listen to these {12-13 year old} boys . Many times my older boys would be saying “You better not let my mom hear you talking like that”….”Ummm you can’t cuss here”. I even threatened to call parents if I needed to. You know, I get on my boys all the time. I know they do things behind my back {as all kids do} but I am so glad that they are at least respectful around adults and other families…I also love that the older boys are correcting the younger ones & trying to be an example..even if they make me out to be “Atilla The Hun” …..I truly hope my kids aren’t the troublemakers when they go out. LOL. I hope if they are a Mom really does call me.

I have been trying to limit sleepovers..cause I have learned that sleepovers really mean NO sleep for everyone in the house. When my kids were younger we had sleepvers all the time..when I was younger as well..and if we had 23 boys here to sleep ( yes I did do that a few times…insane!)  we didn’t sleep..I could bounce that I am older..there isn’t much bounce left?.LOL so I try to limit them. Poor Clarissa being the youngest won’t ever get to experience those crazy days. …cause I have already learned not to do it.

So next weekend is Jeri’s birthday celebration….we have had a party here every weekend so far in April..we are just a celebration kind of family..I guess. I think I have bags under my eyes…and no bounce in my step…with a  flat yahoo. LOL

So I am caught up on quilts ( AMAZING!!..I know) I am working on a few of my own thinsg while working on customer quilts..I put borders on a few quilts yesterday ..cause I hate to admit how long some of these quilt tops have been sitting without is really my least favorite part of Measure. cut. But going through some of my old quilts and quilting them…myself {and sending them out) wavy borders are no fun for quilting. ….so when I skipped that step or didn’t realize that step…I sewed so many of those tops before I was a long arm quilter or knew anything about long arm quilting.  So getting through the pile I have I realize I was an “offender”….lol I am so glad I saved them for myself ( well Sorry Jane and two got some too)….I probably would have gotten pink slips from other long arm quilters…So anyhow….long story to say…I am finishing I can put them into the “to be quilted bin” ..which for means..basically done…and off my list { I know that doesn’t really make sense..but it makes “Charisma” Sense}. It feels good to get some things off my cutting counter..I would like to see the top of it again someday. SO slowly but surely working on those projects…and thsi will be a good week to do that..along with DJ blocks. I really need to get in gear on those. My group is going to kill me. They are all so far ahead of me.

Well I need to go get some work accomplished..Rob and the boys are working on the mustang {after chores} …we finally got the title and everything transfered yesterday..that was quite the ordeal..ugh! Trina picked up Carl and Jeri for hiking…and Clarissa is mad at Rob for picking her up from Shelby’s house. LOL..she wanted to stay with them for teh day …she stayed last night. Rob thought she was on the verge of throwing a fit..thankfully she didn’t. She hasn’t really done that yet..but lately she has been testing her limits…so we don’t ever really know what she is going to do. Oh my babies are no longer babies. sad days.

Anwyay enough crumbs for the day…I have pics to post!





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